Managing a Blog

by - September 23, 2013

No pro-tips here. But a sneak-peak of how I manage my blog.

I have maintained a Planner to write a To Do List. This planner is exclusive for my blog. I use my father's Date Log of the year 2011, as my planner. I just tick the done things of the day. I update my planner every night, and see to it that all of the tasks are accomplished.

This is a card with the name 'The Pretty City Girl' on it. It's not a typical visiting card (with my name, contact details, etc., written on it), but just a card I like to keep in my Tommy Hilfiger wallet (aye! I use a men's wallet).
But trust me, it feels great to flaunt a visiting card. I took a copy of around ten cards, and gave a few to my best friends to keep. 

I also tick my room's calendar's daily box. Whenever I complete a task of decided posts to publish, I tick the calendar. 

And of course, the not-so-good publicity on Facebook and Twitter, and a bit on Instagram (also on LinkedIn).

So these are the basic things that I do, in order to keep my blog alive, every day. As, if a single day goes without posting anything, there are chances you get bored by it, and slowly quit writing the blog. 

So remember, if you are writing a blog, be sure that it becomes your passion, and the thing you do straight from your heart. 


What advice do you have? How do you maintain a blog? 

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