A Fun Day at BFF's House

by - October 19, 2013

Yesterday was a fun, yet a very, very busy day. I went over my BFF, Pournami's house, as she was leaving the town today. We had loads of fun. The main reason why I enjoy at her place is that she is a makeup-addict. She doesn't apply much makeup on herself, but has lot of different makeup products with herself, at home. She also loves playing with different hairstyles. And I love it when people play with my hair, try out hairstyles or even try their makeup on me.
So we both make a perfect pair. She loves doing, and I love to be the person she's doing on.
I must appreciate her makeup skills and her interest in all this. She is pursuing her engineering, but she says that she would definitely give her makeup skills, a chance.
And the best part is, my other BFFs from school (we form a group), don't like her applying makeup on them. So her main focus is ONLY me (Ha ha!).
And then, we click pictures, lots and lots of them. She's got her dad's DSLR.

Snacked on some chips and 'Kojagiri-special' Masala milk. (Oh! And Naralachya Vadya. How delicious!)

I saw an amazing bag at her place, which she bought recently, and I would love to show it to you guys.

This black leather bag from Oriflame is a must-buy. It's for Rs. 2500, but she got it for Rs. 1000, after a discount. I don't know why Oriflame has such a policy as not to advertise their products. They've got some very good collection, or rather, almost every product of them, is simply great.
Pournami is a big fan of Oriflame. She hardly has any cosmetic product other than that of Oriflame.

I like this bag, mostly because of its tassel. Tassels add beauty to the bag (or any other thing).

I loved the bag's interior, as it a silky golden, giving the bag a rich look.

Such bags are good for casual as well as, formal days. Notebooks, notepads, Laptops, Water, makeup, etc. can easily fit inside.

A post about a similar bag, coming soon.

P.S. I won the Second price for a Presentation Competition, which was held today morning. Because of the slides preparation, and hanging out the whole day with friends, I couldn't give myself to the blog, yesterday.

Do you have such huge handbags? And do you love those pretty tassels? 

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