Short Tip #2 Worktop Essentials

by - October 16, 2013

Always thought of the right things that need to be kept on your desk/worktop?

My desk was always a mess, until I thought hard about it, and made it better. Desk should be clean, so that we have a proper place to write and keep our things on. Now that you are organizing yourself, you must know what things you'll need on the desk. I shortlisted few things that I have on my desk, plus few more additional things, summing up the list.

  • Notepads/Notebooks // We always search some or the other thing on the net. We usually jot points on computer's notepad/wordpad/word document/sticky-notes. But you can't move your computer to college or office. What then? So what I thought was, keeping a notepad ready near your computer would be definitely a great idea. I keep my self-customized notepad plus a Blog Planner and a Blog Book (books where I keep my blog's records) near the computer. (You can see them near my computer.)
  • Pens/Markers // Pens, markers, sketch-pens and pencils are must, because then you need something to write your points with! I have a pencil-holder which unites together all of these pencils.
  • Stick Notes // Stick-notes are pretty essential. Not a whole box of 'em, like I do, but definitely one pack of it. Stick-notes are great to write short messages, mostly To-Do items, whenever they just strike you. I have stuck four notes on the desktop's rim. That way, you don't have to remember things. 
  • U-Pins/Staplers/Glue // You need these things to stick together different papers in a jiffy. No need to run the entire house to search a stapler. I keep all of these on my desk.
  • Index Cards// Index cards are great to add additional things while taking notes. I keep a box of them.
  • Scissors/Rulers // They're needed too. If you wanna cut a quick photo from a magazine for your presentation, a pair of scissors come pretty handy. Rulers to measure lengths of things. Like one day, I was cutting a photograph to fit in my frame. I used my ruler then. 
  • Novel // The current novel that you're reading can be kept there. 
  • Sweets // Small sweet candies can be kept in a small box to just munch on while studying. 

This was my list. What additional things can I find on your worktop? 

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