Short Tip #3 Vajrasana (The Diamond Pose)

by - October 17, 2013

As I'm an Indian, Yoga was something that was taught to us in schools, right from the start. I used to be too bored in doing it, because I'm so not patient. I just couldn't wait till the counts were over. I never realized what the benefits were after doing it.

Vajrasana, known as the Diamond Pose in English, is one of my favorite Aasans. The simple reason behind it is that we don't have to do much handwork, just sit upright, in a pose (which is definitely not difficult).
I'm not being a Yoga-teacher here, so let me come straight to the point.
This great Aasan is said to have many proven benefits, but there's one, that I know, which isn't related to the stress factor.
I read it in a renowned newspaper that sitting in Vajrasana can help in reduction of fats in the thigh. The main reason behind me telling this point is, that you can reduce your thigh-fats by just sitting in a place.
I sit in Vajrasana while I bath. In this way, I reduce my thigh-fats by merely sitting in one place, and thus finishing up my task of bathing, too.

Do you do Yoga? What benefits have you derived from doing it?

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