Short Tip #1 Shopping Bags

by - October 15, 2013

You have to carry your important documents, plus you don't wish to give up on your favorite sling bag, which is barely big to fit these documents in. So you have to carry a bag, a plastic one? Of course NOT.

When you shop from your favorite store, I hope you don't throw away the bags that you get. Well these bags can be great to carry important docs for admissions and interviews, or carry your presentation papers inside. That way, you don't have to look gross and your work is easy too. Most importantly, you don't have to compromise your favorite bag!
I always carry one of my bags to college or for interviews. I hate to wear MATCHING-MATCHING stuff. So I see to it that the bag is perfectly opposite to my t-shirt, and is of perfect size.

Also, do you know those paper bags that we get in gift shops? You always wondered to whom will you gift such bags, and who in the world will use them? I agree to it that they're brilliantly colorful and have amazing designs on them, but what's the need? (OK, some of you must be using these bags, and also must be knowing their importance. But most of you, especially the boys, must not be knowing them. I myself didn't know their use, until and unless and I used them in my way.)

These gift-shop-paper-bags are great to carry tiffin-boxes. No, seriously. I carry a lunch box to college, almost everyday. So sometimes, I put my box inside these bags and carry it. It's so simple, isn't it? Now you must be wondering what if the lunch box leaks and ruins all of your pretty bag. Then the answer is simple- It is better to use and ruin your bag, than keep it lying in a corner, thus ruining it with the dust, even more! After all, utility is more important than the beauty of it. (Am I sounding too philosophical? Ha!)

You can gift these bags to your girly-friends. Much-utilization?


How do you use your paper bags? 

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