The Casual Chic Wishlist: My Quarterly Wishlist {August Update}

by - September 19, 2020

Exactly a month ago, I had shared my
Quarterly Wishlist which consisted of bottom wear, tops, shoes and a few accessories. It was my project to collect staple pieces using a conscious mind and having a solid reasoning behind why I was making this purchase. 
This project also had me avoid a lot of unnecessary purchases, which were not timely, not useful and not my personal style per se. 


A quarterly wishlist is when you make a list of items you want and try to purchase those within a span of three months. Sounds pretty obvious? But the catch here is to buy only these items and nothing apart from that. So even if you are shopping and find a really adorable dress on discount, you still do not buy it. So now it's getting interesting, eh? 
Also, you don't just write a random category of clothing but try to be as specific as possible. For example, you will not mention 'jeans' on the list, but write the exact type such as 'mom jeans' or 'white ripped jeans' or 'faded boyfriend jeans' etc. 

It is quite tricky and challenging but when you do this, you realise how much control you can have over your mind. It stops you from buying anything which you hadn't planned, it helps you make conscious decisions. 


This is the first month of the quarter I had chosen. This quarterly project will end in October, which means I only have two months to shop remaining items. (Most likely it is difficult as I have to shop for my sister's wedding.) 

I tried to purchase as many things as possible and with that, I also tried to find alternatives. Here's how the Quarterly Wishlist looks so far: 

In the first month, I managed to get a pair of bottle green utility pants from H&M (which also match my need of 'cigarette pants'), a dark grey tee from Amazon basics, and a pair of denim culottes (which aren't on the list but serves the purpose of my overall wardrobe I aim to buy) again from H&M.

Apart from these purchases, I did look for white canvas shoes, a black strappy top, a grey camisole, and a branded cap, but I held the purchases for time-being. 

By next month I hope to buy five more items from the list. In fact, I am already browsing through the shopping apps, but keeping these purchases aside as of now as I need to shop for my sister's wedding as well. I am loving how shopping is much more than splurges, now it’s more like a grocery list where you buy ingredients before making some exotic pasta. I am loving how these are not roadside purchases and are quality clothing. I’m loving all the three purchases I've made so far and would definitely consider these brands again.

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