Why You Should Go Camping Once In Your Lifetime

by - September 19, 2020

girl sitting by lakeside tent view
If you ask me what's that one thing that makes you happy, it would be camping for sure. And though there are many such "one thing"s that make me happy, camping without a doubt, falls under the top five. And every time someone tells me they've had a real camping experience, my eyes sparkle. Because I believe, everyone should go camping at least once in their lifetime.

These days, thanks to the camp organisers, many people without resources too can camp, but do you know when is it a real fun? It is when you pitch your own tent by using some torchlights, it is when you make a minimum of twenty rounds to collect twigs for your bonfire, it is the continuous process of keeping the fire alive by adding more twigs, more leaves, and huffing and puffing. It is when you cook your own food over that flame you just created. It is when you take your hoodie as a blanket and shiver next to the person you're sleeping inside the tent because it is just so cold. It is the morning dew that dampens your tent, it is the risk of finding a spot concealed enough for your morning potty, it is the puffy eyes, dehydrated yet extremely satisfied face the next morning, it is the happiness of spending night with someone you love and cherish, it is the happiness of letting go of the urban stress. Camping is something you should not miss, no matter what. 

Now, you might have been to a few camping excursions with a camp organiser, but I'd still suggest you plan one on your own. Rent a tent, find a place (something that is safe), and simply camp. If you have a pet dog, take it along too. 



Camping is so exciting because you learn to find resources around you. Thirsty? Find an active waterfall and drink up fresh water from it. Need a trekking pole? Find a long, sturdy stick and use it instead. Famished? Pick fruits from the trees. Need a dish? Use a broad leaf instead. 

You learn so many things when you camp because clearly, you don't have those many resources with you. You're neither at your home nor living in a city. You're around nature and gradually, you learn to make the most of it.


Camping teaches you to survive on your own. Of course there are people around you but then pitching tents, making your own bonfire, giving yourself company for loo breaks in the dark, helping others around you makes you independent and bold. 


Many people live with a protective bubble around them. They think they need many things to survive but camping teaches that you just require shelter, warmth, food and safety tools with you. It's best for those who have many material possessions and are looking for some way to break those. 

Camping in the wild teaches you to poop in the open without a commode or an enclosure. You either wash it out or carry tissues from your home. Camping teaches you to stay raw, sans makeup, sans any beautification. You learn to live with the minimum. You understand that all you need is a warm piece of clothing to wrap you up and a pair of socks to keep you warm when it gets too chilly at nights. 


If you're losing touch with a friend or need rebounding with your partner, then a night in the wild will bring you close. It's something about the soothing air that encircles you as you sit quietly, looking back at memories, talking about your vulnerable points, sharing stories. Sometimes bonds are repaired by just sitting by the bonfire, staring at it, and exchanging smiles. 


Are you afraid of wild animals or snakes? Or insects and reptiles? 

I remember being too scared of leopards every time I camped on a mountain (especially when villagers talked about leopard sightings). It's a fear I am still overcoming. A challenge that though creeps me out also makes me strong and resilient side by side. Certainly the fear of leopards has faded over time. Camping teaches you to overcome your fears of staying in the wild. 


One of the reasons why I love camping is because I love nature and being surrounded by it. Camping allows you to sleep under a sky full of stars; it lets you wish upon a shooting star. It allows you to hear the mysterious sounds coming from the earth as you lie on the ground. It lets you experience nature at its brand new, renewed form when the mist floats on top of a lake in December, where the sun rises throwing purple-pink hues, when the morning dew makes your shiver, when the trees are swaying gently after a wholesome sleep. Camping lets you enjoy nature at its truest form. 


And the best part about camping? It is the very thought of disconnecting from the world, the pseudo identity, your job, your tensions. It's breaking free from all the chaos. Your task list, your debts, your worries, your past. It's where you become one with nature and bond with friends and family. 

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