The UK Diaries // Day 3 {First Half}

by - August 01, 2014

Day 3

So after the tiresome Day 2, today was yet another tiresome day, but with lot of excitement and a bit of less energy (but that's all right, I guess!). Today we were visiting London, and right from there, we were catching a bus towards Scotland.

I was too sleepy to get up early today morning. I was tired because of yesterday, and I needed lot of sleep. I had to get up, without regarding my sleepiness or maybe, my laziness. I was going to wear a different kind of outfit today; something that I'd never worn; and this something was going to be with me in my photographs of London day out. I, still, took a header, and wore this something.

We had breakfast in the morning and then got ready. I was dolled up in a Vero Moda white top I bought the other day, black loose skull pants (I don't know what the fashion world calls them as), silver diamond studded Metro box heels, and black studded skull sling bag. I actually tucked my top inside, which is something challenging for me. Rather, this entire getup was a big challenge for me.

I had washed my hair as well, because I was visiting London, and if I'd had a bad hair day, then there was absolutely no point in wearing all the supposedly fancy dress that I'd chosen for the day out. The day you wash your hair, no matter how hot you feel after that, you also feel all refreshed! Even I was feeling the same.

All the bags were packed properly and we left the house. The taxi soon arrived and we drove towards my brother's friend's house in London. Even he was living with a group of roommates in a rented house. We kept three bags in his storeroom: Brother's luggage, small black luggage bag, and my brother's laptop bag. We kept them at his place because directly in the night we were driving to Scotland. It would've been stupid of us to carry all these bags everywhere in the city.
However, we selected five bags for Scotland: Green luggage bag, in which we managed to stash all our clothes for the three days tour in Scotland, sky blue duffle bag, my brother's backpack, my handbag, and my mom's handbag.
We had no option but to carry these bags with us. Green had clothes, sky blue had food, backpack had sweatshirts, and our handbags had all the essentials.

Anyway, we left the bags at his place, and walked towards Upton Park station, which was a two-minute walk from his house. It was my first time to experience UK metro/train. I wanted to see how it would be like. We reached Upton Park station, and it wasn't as fancy as I'd projected it to be; it was okay. We took the Day Travel card for the three of us. We reached the platform we were supposed to go. As soon as we reached, I took out the cellphone from my handbag, and started shooting a video of the station. In hardly two minutes, the train was there. We got into it and it was too hot inside. There was just a small rectangular opening for ventilation, and there was no air conditioner inside the train. Though my top was a sleeveless one, I felt too hot inside the train.
Anyway, we got down and changed the train, and guess where we took our next train to? ARSENAL station.

Have all the guys killed me, already?

Ha ha! I was about to go to ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB'S stadium--EMIRATES! (I'm desperately feeling like putting hundred more exclamation marks here.) You guys! I was actually heading towards Emirates. Arsenal's home ground!

We got down on the station, and the first thing I did was give a wide smile. I sat on the benches near the signboard, and clicked a photograph right away.
After the photo session, we started walking towards the stadium, which was five minutes away.

There it was; standing like an Almighty. The happiness that I felt then is something inexpressible. I couldn't believe I was standing in front of Emirates. The Emirates.

We saw the box office; there was an old man there who had just purchased tickets, and he seemed so happy with them. He seemed like a true Arsenal fan. After the box office, we climbed the stairs towards stadium. We took Stadium Tour tickets and went inside.

Actually, taking a stadium tour itself was a big question. We had to further go to Madame Tussauds anytime between 3:00 to 3:30, and it was 2:00 after we reached there and marveled at the beauty. It takes an hour or less to reach Madame Tussauds from Emirates. And the Stadium Tour was of forty minutes. So we were deciding whether to take the tour, or leave for Tussauds in sometime. We were confused. However, later I thought that I wouldn't visit London again in my life; this was the only opportunity that we had, and we had to make the most of it. We must go inside, or else we would have definitely regretted later.

After a discussion of ten minutes, we finally made our way. Mom waited outside, whereas only my brother and I went in. (I will tell about the Emirates in details in tomorrow's post, because it needs lot of space and time!)

After the tour, we left for Arsenal station.


PS: I will continue the post in two days. 

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