Important Pages That I Have Bookmarked {List 1}

by - August 04, 2014

I have a list of amazing pages that you need to check right away. Right from fashion advice to internship advice, these pages have everything girls (even boys at some extent) need to know! I have general bookmarks that I had shared last time like Facebook, Blogger, Instagram, etc., but these bookmarks will change your life-

ONE | 12 Shoes Every Woman Should Own
You must check this link. These are the basic shoes that, really, every girl must, must own. This was probably the first page I had bookmarked.

I haven't read all the points, but they might be useful as, firstly it is Marie Claire, and secondly it is Marie Claire. If you've graduated this year, and are seeking jobs, I guess this might help. Go take a look.

I'm not into reading, but at least I have started taking interest in it. I have started buying novels and books! I don't know these authors on the linked page, but take a look at them anyway.

I ain't working anywhere, but thought this would be useful when I finally start working. I hope I won't need to read this and that my job will be perfect. But others, who have a nagging boss and nosy colleagues, you definitely should read it.

FIVE | How to Make High Heels Comfortable
You must read these points. They're perf. If you wondered why your favorite pair of heels aren't really comfortable, you must follow these tips next time you purchase a new pair. I'm really excited to shop my next pair as I've got some great tips here.

Some basic but important things you must be doing for your health. Live for yourself sometimes. Please suggest your mothers, in case they couldn't read this post.

For all the lazy people out there, this should be your guide.

These are some chic moments in Hollywood over the years. 

Needless to say how important this will be.

Some good rules for the guys out there. So basically TPCG isn't just for girls, yeah?

Do you bookmark pages like these? Mind sharing them here?

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