Movie Watched: Despicable Me

by - August 16, 2014

How despicable of me that I hadn't watched Despicable Me until yesterday! It was released in 2010 in US, and I watched it in 2014. Actually, I got it from the same collection that I took from my classmate. Finally, yesterday, I managed to watch a super-hit animated movie.

I loved this movie so much, that I might watch its sequel today itself. Fortunately, I have its second part as well. It's in the hard disk. I need to connect the keyboard to tab, transfer it, and only then can I watch it.

I had decided to watch two movies daily on an average. But I guess I might be able to watch just one. I am actually thinking on doing many things in one day. Those things would be fun if I follow them on time. (I will write a post on them soon!)

Despicable Me is seriously a great movie. I love how crazy things can get in an animated movie. The directors can go up to any level and make it possible--like shrinking the God damned moon. The best thing about this movie is the cuteness level: the three little girls and how they help melt Gru's heart and of course the minions (Gru's 'cousins'! Ha ha!)

Towards the end, though Gru accomplishes his goal of being a supervillain by shrinking and stealing the moon, still he becomes the best daddy for the three little girls and accepts them wholeheartedly.

If you haven't watched it yet, whatcha waiting for? Watch it today itself.

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