A Visit to Dagdusheth

by - August 30, 2014

Yesterday was divine; we visited the 'God' of Pune--Dagdusheth Halwai. It had been years and years that we had visited, or for that matter, went out in the streets of Pune to watch different idols and mandaps of Pune. As the society has its own Ganpati, there are crazy dances, singing, games, dramas, etc. to entertain the society members. We used to be so busy, that going out in evenings was an impossible task.

But luckily, yesterday we did not have any program in the society; so we all decided to go to the Dagdusheth.
After having bhel for dinner, we left the house at around 9:30. I knew it would be kind of cold outside, so I borrowed my cousin brother's hoodie. I also wore my specs because I knew I would need them to see Ganpati properly.

We left in our Polo and an Activa. Thankfully it wasn't raining. I had carried my camera, and I did not want it to get wet or make things worse.

We reached an parked the car and Activa. Then, by walking we reached the queue for Dagdusheth Halwai--Pune's pride.

Left for Dagdusheth Halwai; with my cousin brother

A local Ganpati idol in a mandap

Dagdusheth clicked while standing in the queue

Golden Beauty

With my cousin brothers, mom, and aunt

Another local Ganpati


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