My Bestfriend's Preppy Stationary

by - August 10, 2014

My best friend, too, is a preppy stationary collector like me. As she's away from home, currently staying in a hostel, she cannot personally come at my place to show me her new buys. Yesterday, while I was using the pen she'd given me, I messagd her a photo of it. She replied, "nice" and then sent me these photos.
All of these photos looked amazing in my cell, but as they get enlarged while putting them on a large screen, they don't look that good.

The girl-with-specs diary and the pink polka-dotted one was given to her by me. The pink one was exclusively bought for her from China, and the girl diary, well, she took it from me. I really want to know how she's using them.

We bought all these pens and the diary together when she had visited my house the other day.

She gave me a similar yellow coloured pen.
And the pink page that you see is a notebook from Paperisto which I gave her recently.

This is one of the pages from that book. She also gave me a similar pen like this in violet colour.

Even she is a crazy stick-notes user like me.

We bought these Deli binder clips together.

How are your supplies?

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