Important Pages That I Have Bookmarked {List 4}

by - August 26, 2014

Well, I'm currently reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Like I've told million times on TPCG that I'm not into reading, I say it again: I'm not into reading...let's amend that...I'm not into reading, but if I develop interest in the book, I finish reading it in three days. I'm reading the famous TFIOS, and I'm just wondering what the 'Okay? Okay.' thing actually is. Well, I guess I just need to hold on and read further.

So I'm back with the fourth list of bookmarks. Nobody suggested me anything on the previous list's question, so I would probably continue doing what I am doing already (but the suggestions are still welcomed).

This is just another I-need-to-start-reading list of mine. While I was going through a post on Cosmo, I happened to open this link and try getting myself a list for some serious inspiration towards reading, without much struggle for my lazy self.

These are some great hacks for people interested in diet; well, if not just diet, at least, all those who love to expand their knowledge. Here are some hacks that you probably didn't know earlier. And, for the first time, a fashion magazine has an acceptable scientific language other than the regular jargon that women and fashion magazines use. 

THREE | Why You Should Write Your First Book...Now!
Did I tell you that I was writing a book last year? Well I was. I stopped writing it after finishing around 20 pages. Maybe I might start rewriting it. 
If you have writing book in your mind, but haven't yet started typing, you must read this. 


 This is a serious self-help link. Few things that you might need to feel happy about yourself and love yourself in order to boost your self-confidence. 
I don't know why, but I like reading these self-help and how-to books; they're amazing.

FIVE | The College "Don't Forget" Packing List
If you're heading for hostel or rented apartment for education, this list is a quick help. Though few of the items are not really 'Indian', but you can relate them to some other item, and carry them to your hostel room or apartment. 

SIX | 5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Money
I don't know how serious this post is. As I live with my parents, I never had an issue of saving money or investing them or cleverly spending them or any of the monetary issues. But if you fall in the category of people who have to think about money, you should read this post.

SEVEN | The Ultimate Guide To Worldwide Etiquette 
This is a fun way to check etiquette of the whole world. I tried India, China, UK, and UAE, and they're true to some extent. 

EIGHT | Business Etiquette: 5 Rules That Matter Now
Only five rules, but totally important. You gotta go and check for a decent behavior with employees for better production. 

Ha ha! These are some crazy idioms. My personal favorite is 'It is raining like a pissing cow.' 

 This is an awesome guide! You all must stick to these rules for better behavior towards your friends, colleagues, family, and strangers. 

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