Ganesh Chaturthi

by - August 29, 2014

Every year, without fail, we go to Pune for Ganesh Chaturthi. This is my favorite festival. And I wait for it the whole year. The main reason is family get-together. Do you have such family and cousins that seem more than the real definition of them? Well, I have. We are all so close to each other, and we have such a great bond, that sometimes I feel is it even possible? I mean, seriously.

So this year, though we are not really celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, as my granny passed away last September, and as a year is not completed, it is in Hindu tradition to not celebrate festivals for a year after a close relative's death. We did not celebrate last year's Diwali due to the same reason.

Anyway I'm writing the post from Pune and the Ganesh idol will be set up in a while. The Guruji is directing my brother who is sitting on the plank, carrying out the puja. My sisters and the youngest brother are here, inside the room. I'm pretty bored, as we all are dolled up, but the Guruji came an hour late. We just cannot wait to see the pretty idol, and then sing prayers with all the relatives, really tearing off our eardrums and vocal chord! (I'm serious.)

Our idol is small this year. Though we have it small or medium every year, this year's idol is smaller. Anyway, I always find my idol the best amongst all (and I know you all feel the same about yours!).

After the setting up of Ganpati, and unveiling him, we sang our prayers really loud. After that, as soon as the Guruji went, we took dishes and bowls and all the yummy food for lunch. We had lunch at 3:00; unbelievable but true.
We had potato bhaji, ukdiche modak, poli, waran (dal) rice, koshimbir (salad), chutney, etc.

After that, we all cousins went straight to one of the rooms, and 'booked' places to spend the rest of the afternoon. Everybody slept, except few people--I was reading eBook and later blogging, my younger sister was on her cellphone, and my younger brother was playing Age of Empires on the PC. Rest, every single person of the house was fast asleep.

Some clicks from Day one of Ganpati:

Welcoming Ganpati inside the house

For those who don't know, the idol is brought home with its face covered. All the rituals are carried out, and only then the veil is taken off.

After the veil is removed, the idol is still not placed on its throne. The further rituals are carried out, and only then the idol is placed on the throne, with a "Ganpati Bappa Moraya; Mangal Murti Moraya!" shouts.

Performing rituals

With my cousin sister

The battery is critically low, so I cannot write any further. We just visited Dagdusheth Ganpati, and it was awesome!
Goodnight, everybody!

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