Important Pages That I Have Bookmarked {List 3}

by - August 22, 2014

Though I got many of them, still not nerdy enough to understand all of them. Like the sub-headline of the post says, "prepare to giggle, or prepare to Google."

These are some great tips that are insane. You gotta open and read them.

Tips for maintaining energy levels throughout the day; taken right from my inspiration. These simple food tricks you need to do in order to be high on spirits until you hit the bed finally are a must check-out. 

Firstly, I love my WP 8.1! And Windows Phone Central site should be a Bible for all the WP users. 

FIVE | 8 New Kick-Ass Features In IE11 On Windows Phone 8.1
I don't use any other browser other than Internet Explorer on my WP. Though Bing Search is as good as Google, sometimes I open up Cortana; but most of the time it is IE.

SIX | 10 Surprising Things You Can Do With Nail Polish
This is really awesome. My favourite is the last tip. Girls, you guys have no idea how we can use nail polishes differently. 

SEVEN | 20 Ways Mean Girls Would Be Different Today
Wow; this sounds interesting.

There's a video which you're going to love. I'm sure you would start planning one of these trips soon.

 Ha ha! These are hilarious. You sure need to bookmark this video and later use these tricks for your little ones!

Three snack hacks you gotta watch! They'll make your mouth water and you will crave for the super yummy, modified food. 

I hope you're finding these links useful. If you want me to stop sharing them with you, feel free to tell me through comments or e-mail.

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