Important Pages That I Have Bookmarked {List 2}

by - August 21, 2014

Well, hello again! Another list of bookmarks that I love. (There will be plenty more lists coming soon.)

Like I told you last time, I am not really interested in reading. So for that matter, I go on searching for good reads. Though I haven't read these or purchased these, I am sure one fine day, I'll do.

My favourite way of searching teen movies or chick-flicks is by searching them on IMDB. There are 'n' number of lists from which you can get to watch movie for a whole year. Just love the lists.

Well, just another.

And one more.

There is this site where cute illustrations are used to show what all things the movie has; for example, there's a thumbnail of a shoe which indicates that this film is stylish.

I am in no hurry to marry early, let me just clear it out. I rather found this post to be useful. Though I'm just 20, I might just save this link for future. 

SEVEN | Summer Hair Care Products For A Lustrous Mane
I am not an experimenter when it comes to different products. However, I saved this link for future need.

EIGHT | 17 Ways You Know You Have A High-Quality Best Friend
If you think that the article might be as amazing as this picture, then you are ABSOLUTELY correct.  Just go ahead and click the link; I am damn sure you would like it and also would relate to it. I find it thoroughly true.

 NINE | Famous Words Of Fashion's Greatest
If you need a quote for your selfie, I'm sure you need this link depsperately. It has some superb quotes from the fashion icons and fashion designers. You ought to open it.

TEN | 27 Bizarre Things That All Women Have Done At Least Once
Girls, you seriously need to check it out! For me, many of these things are true. You MUST open it and see, and rejoice later that you weren't the only insane girl, but there are many like you! Go ahead.

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