Friendship Day without Friendship Bands

by - August 05, 2014

For the first time, Friendship Day was not spent tying friendship bands and writing names on each others arms, or face, or neck, or on t-shirts. (Let me tell you, I like doing all that, right from the core of my heart.)

As F-Day always falls on Sundays, we don't spend it with our schoolmates/classmates from college. (Of course, we meet them and celebrate, but here I'm talking about the general school/college public, and not friends.) So, the next day, that is Monday, is always officially celebrated as Friendship Day in schools and colleges.

In schools, at least in mine, friendship bands were off-limits. Teachers used to check our bags, and it used to be horrible. We used to hide them in empty lunch boxes, umbrellas, socks, and any random place where the teacher hopefully would not check, or would not think the place to be a possibility to hide bands. As soon as the last bell used to ring, we happily used to get off our benches, and stand in a line, get out of the school premises quietly, and then...the real fun used to begin.
I remember the time when friendship bands were thought to be so expensive. I used to cut down two-three friends (acquaintances) so that I would not feel guilty and feel like I had spent a lot.
Crazy, but those days everybody would feel excited to get the bands; they secretly counted them and wished they got more and more bands.

A new trend that slowly started was writing names on each others arms...which later extended to t-shirts. Some people wear white t-shirts on F-Day so that their friends write on those whites, and later cherish and treasure these t-shirts for ever. This is, in fact, a good idea. You could do it as well, and probably you can do it next year. But the only problem is the availability of white t-shirts at home, or agreeing to buy new for this purpose.
I remember, till last year I had my arms filled with names.

College F-Days are more of splurging. Though there are bands and names too, but we do hang out, and spend on food, drinks (!), and traveling (maybe). F-Days during college are an opportunity to make strangers as acquaintances and acquaintances as friends. Those people with whom you were friends on Facebook, and never smiled at each other, surprisingly become acquaintances on these days.
I have lot of college people who are in my friend list. We must have chatted only once or maybe not even once. We never wave or smile at each other. And on F-Days, there's a slight possibility of maybe exchanging bands.

So this year, on Sunday, I was at home. Sadly I did not meet my friends because I was deciding on a major change for blog. As my father will soon go back to China, I have to work on things quickly. I just have few days left in hand, and before that I must wrap-up the task. And also, surprisingly, yesterday (on Monday), I came home with absolutely no band tied on my wrist and with no name shabbily written on my arms. I realized that yesterday in college while we were buying wada pav from college canteen that my arms were as ordinary as any other day.

I don't know whether this was maturity/growing-up or sheer disinterest in celebrating F-Day; but this disinterest or growing up is massively regretted.

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