Long Earrings

by - August 20, 2014

I don't know how I got a liking towards long earrings. I used to hate them and all the girls wearing them, just until one day when I actually started liking them.

For Diwali last year, I had purchased a gorgeous Anarkali suit, which was first of its kind in my wardrobe. And for that, obviously, not wearing earrings or wearing studs would have looked ugly. So I went all the way down towards beauty stores, and actually purchased an extra-long pair of earrings in blue colour. Everybody close to me was shocked that I was wearing long earrings like these. 

They don't look bad. After all, it is the way we carry them. If you know how to carry them properly, you will rock the day; trust me.

This year, again I purchased red coloured earrings for my aunt's wedding. I had worn the kurta many times, but not with these earrings. So this time after purchasing them, I was quite excited to try the look with my new pair.

I am seriously looking forward to events so that I get a chance to purchase earrings and wear them. (Crazy!)
And yeah, I'm slowly getting attracted towards finger-rings as well. They cost around Rs. 90 and above. So before buying one ring, I must see that I really have a dress of that colour, and only then purchase. So the next time I have to attend an event (college days, marriages or festivals), two things are sure-shot coming home: long earrings and rings.

Do you like to wear them?

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