The UK Diaries // Day 5

by - August 23, 2014

Day 5

Today was tiresome as well. We had planned to go to Glasgow city. After having breakfast in hotel room, we left for Glasgow.

I was in a rugged cap, grey t-shirt, distressed Levi's jeans, Ray-Bans, Converse shoes, and black handbag. 

At the nearest railway station in Edinburgh

We took a cab to the nearest railway station in Edinburgh. After reaching the station, realizing it was too cold, we took three tumblers of coffee from Starbucks which was right at the station. We boarded the train.

My mom and I en-route Glasgow

The interiors of the train were different from the trains we find in India. Though the bogie in which we were sitting was meant for the ordinaries, still the interior was too good.

We had the rest of the coffee and few Indian snacks in the train. Thankfully we were sitting together in one cubical of four seats. The fourth seat was empty, and we had kept our bags on it. 

Got down at Glasgow railway station

After going out of the station, we went in search of the city tour bus. Before that we saw something special, something totally seasonal--Common Wealth Games Glasgow 2014 banners everywhere. What a perfect timing to visit this city.

The atmosphere in the city was superb--people from different nations, different flags, different faces, and different colours.

Out of railway station; going towards city tour bus

The bus journey was similar to the one we did in China--buy a city tour bus ticket, and get on and off  it any time of the day.

Glasgow Cathedral

Our first stop was this Cathedral. Oh my God; the cathedral was magnificent and beautiful. The interiors were simply, truly awesome.

We waited for the city tour bus to arrive at the cathedral bus stop.

Later we roamed in the city's Market area.

View outside city tour bus

The next stop was University of Glasgow. Oh my God; it was so beautiful!

It was getting cold, and was drizzling. My mom had gone haphazard about it, and she was asking us to wait at the bus-stop.
After a while, we got into the bus and drove towards the last (also the first stop where we had boarded the bus near railway station) stop.

We took Starbucks coffee and went towards the train for Edinburgh. The queue was such serpentine, that we had to add to the line outside the station.

Waiting in the queue for train towards Edinburgh

We got into the super crowded train; luckily we got seats. There was a British man in one of the seats of the 'cubicle'. We finished our coffees, looked at the pictures, spoke about Glasgow, spoke about the cold weather, and simply relaxed.

As the time required to reach Edinburgh was one and half hours, we reached super earlier than we had thought. We took cab from Edinburgh railway station to our hotel room.

We cooked Maggi for dinner again and had ice cream cones.

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