Covering Notebooks and Labelling Them

by - August 19, 2014

Today I am happy as the course-coordinator praised my blog in front of my classmates and my juniors. Actually he told them to do something of their own, apart from sitting in lectures and writing exams. He described my blog-writing as adding cherry and cream to an otherwise plain cake.
I am definitely happy and proud of myself.

Anyway, I had chosen a different topic for today. However, I don't know how, but the images that I had clicked, say a month ago, are deleted somehow. So I had to stick myself with this topic (though it is as interesting as that one).

I was using this notebook from school for a subject named JPO (Journalism and Public Opinion). Though now I use the Paperisto notebook for four subjects, I had clicked this image when I used this for college notes. Well, but somewhere down I knew these old notebooks wouldn't do the trick. I am so habitual to writing in fancy notebooks that simple notebooks like these just don't do the trick.

So, as always, I used the same old tip of mine: covering the ugly notebooks with pretty gift papers.

This time, apart from using my favorite polka-dotted gift paper, I also used a rectangular piece of green tinted sheet for labeling the books. As I used only this gift paper for all the six notebooks that I was using, it was quite confusing to guess which notebook was which. So I labelled them.

Though the labeling seems easy, it has a little trick that is hidden inside the flap of the book. So how did I do it?

I guess many of the artists must have guessed this already; but for ordinary people like me, I need to explain. (Actually this was my best friend's idea who is an artist!)


  1. I took a rectangular piece of tinted sheet.
  2. I cut a v-shaped ribbon-look to one of the sides.
  3. I thought of the name to be written and how it would fit, thus keeping in mind my handwriting size and the space available. I also checked whether I was writing it in the middle of the 'ribbon'. 
  4. I wrote down J.P.O accordingly.
  5. I took the non-ribbon end of the rectangle sheet and stuck it on the insides of the flap of the cover page.
  6. I took a double-sided tape, and stuck the remaining part of the sheet on the cover page.

 And a sneak-peek inside the book.


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