The UK Diaries // Day 3 {Second Half}

by - August 03, 2014

Day 3

After Arsenal stadium tour, we went towards Arsenal station hurriedly as we did not have much time. We had to enter Madame Tussauds at any cost before 3:30. We got into the train, and I had happiness on my face. I was on cloud 9, and at the same time was looking at co-passengers as if they had missed something huge in their lives and also how superior I was to them as I could see Emirates, and because I was just coming back from there.

We got down at a station and rushed towards Tussauds. There was a long queue; however we got inside before time. My brother showed the woman at the reception our online tickets, and she gave us four tickets: two Madame Tussauds tickets and two London Eye tickets for mom and me. My brother had seen these places already, so he thought he would meet his friend.

Accordingly, brother handed us the tickets, and we climbed the stairs. The woman who was dressed in a red Madame Tussauds' uniform with a blue jeans tore our tickets in half, indicating that our tickets were used now, and now we could not re-enter the Tussauds on the same tickets.

We went up by a lift. Initially we saw statues of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, which were  followed by sportsmen, royal persons, cartoon characters, etc. The best was the 4D theater. I'd never been to a 4D theater before, so it was a fun experience. Literally while the film was on, I was laughing like small children do.

We came out of the theater. The movie was about fifteen minutes long only. After this, while we were just coming out of the Tussauds, my brother called me saying he had met his friend in a café and now he was waiting for us outside Tussauds. We met him, and there was a friend with him. He recommended us to go to a garden, and then see Buckingham Palace there.

We sat on the garden, and had sandwiches, chocolates, bananas and some Indian snacks. Later, we went to see the Buckingham Palace. After this, off we went to the London Eye. We took a train to Westminster station. After we got down and came out of it, we saw the crazy monument--Big Ben.
Often, when people talk about London or Great Britain, they show the London Eye, Tower Bridge or the Big Ben to represent them. Big Ben, also known as Elizabeth Tower, is one of London's prides. It is a tall tower and is attached to a castle. We can see it as soon as we come out of the Westminster station.

We clicked few pictures of Big Ben and then started walking towards London Eye which was just a minute away. The weather there was like it is near Queen's Necklace, Mumbai--cool and pleasant. I felt like we were walking on Marine Drive. In a while, after clicking loads of pictures of London Eye, we went towards it. We stood in a queue, and after much delay, we reached the counter.

There was a problem, actually. The woman at Tussauds had mistakenly tore London Eye's tickets, instead of Madame Tussauds'. We were scared as of what was to be done now. My brother spoke to them, and the problem was solved. They gave us different tickets. My brother went to his friend's place to get the bags, while we went for London Eye's queue.

We got into one of the units of it, and there was strong air conditioning inside. We clicked loads of pictures, and saw London from a great height; it was fun. After the forty minutes' 'round trip', we got down. In ten minutes, after clicking pictures, we went to Westminster where my brother was coming with the bags. It was late till then.

We immediately rushed to the Victoria station for our bus. We reached there, and then we walked towards the bus station. People were already sitting in the bus. We got three miscellaneous seats. The best thing about this bus was its WiFi. Though it was 11:00 in UK, which means 4:30 in India, yet I was happy. I checked all my social networking sites and my email accounts. I had a mail from a company who had set up an interview with me for the position of Content and Operations Manager. The interview was at 10:30 GMT the next day.
We all slept. The bus was very interesting from inside; it had a toilet unit!

We reached Edinburgh, Scotland the next day. Our bus was connecting two capitals in UK--London and Edinburgh.


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