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by - August 09, 2014

Sorry for not writing for two days straight; Yesterday the internet was down, and day before, I was paying for my domain name. By the way guys, we are now. I am really, really, excited; but, as always, there's one problem which is annoying me. I hope I get rid of it soon.

My exams are from Monday and the portion is vast. Sadly, my net was down all this while. So I had to download notes on my cell and later connect the cellphone to PC and then print them. It was so painstaking. The professors had sent us so many notes, that it was very tough to download them all

There are also PPTs as notes, and I did not want to print them. So I transferred them from a pen-drive to tablet, and studied the PPTs there. As the PPTs have a lighter tone, I did not think it to be necessary enough to waste my time reading them. I studied other subjects' heavy notes, and kept PPTs or the 'tablet-studying' for later.

While I was having lunch, I read the PPTs side-by-side; it saved my time. Later, again, in the evening when I was exhausted of sitting upright and making notes, I lied down, and studied rest of the PPTs. In between I also folded laundry clothes to refresh my mood. Now, that's the reason, why I'm writing blog.

Though these exams are internals, yet the portion is vast. Few topics are just bouncing beyond my understanding. Maybe, just maybe, I am not in a perfect mood to study as of now. Let us see.

Anyway, I've got a crazy idea to study with the use of tabs:

I divided my 8.1 tab in two sections. The first has Wikipedia, and the second has Dictionary.
While studying, if I come up with an unknown personality or organization or event, I search the Wiki; and if I come across a difficult word, I search the word in the dictionary.

Due to this, a lot of time is saved. As I have very little time with me, I need to apply few tricks like these. Before this trick, I used to search information on my cellphone. But it used to be little uncomfortable as the cellphone has many distractions.

So here I am, comfortably studying or referring important apps on my Asus tab, while I jot down points and make my self-notes.

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