Arsenal Stadium Tour

by - August 02, 2014

(I'm emotional right now. I was watching Roman Holiday, and the end was so dramatic that it made me cry. The movie is too good; and yeah, I might have got a new celeb crush--Gregory Peck!)

In this post I'm going to talk about Emirates' insides, and a bit about my experience.

So like I told you yesterday, Day 3 was all about excitement. We visited the Emirates and after much discussion, finally concluded to take a tour inside. Initially we thought we would only get to see a bit of the insides, but when they told us that we would get to see the changing-room as well, we went totally mad!

Inside Emirates.

Ground Regulations, in case you wanna know.


Arsenal Box Office. This is not during the match day.

First view after climbing the stairs near the box office.

Highbury West Entrance Club Level.

Our very special--Tony Adams.

It's a beautiful view.

Going downstairs towards the tickets for the tour.

Hope to someday go up from here.

Match day box office.

A cute photo where two young gunners are sitting on the canons.

Inside the superstore.

Unusual to read: Welcome to The Arsenal.

Next to Arsene Wenger.

Players' wash basins and toilets.

Pre-match tunnel from the top.

Director's Box


Sitting on Ramsey's seat.

Media Room where a player is interviewed in between matches, or around the matches. There were six more rooms like this.


Press Conference.

Arsenal Media Centre.

From the tunnel to the ground.

The game plan.

Diamond Club.

I could not write everything in detail as I had gone to pick my dad from airport; he's here from China.

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