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by - August 25, 2014

We're soon going to paint the house down. This time I'm going to make some serious changes in my room. I have decided pink, light grey, golden, and white-and-black as the theme of the room. I will paint/throw/change all the things that are not of this theme. I'm going to put frames and I'm all excited!

Yesterday, me and my brother were thinking about frames, and that's when he said we could do DIY frames. He asked me to search on the net for the ideas, but instead, I showed him on Pinterest. I don't know how girls are successful in finding ideas on Pinterest; for me, Pinterest is just a way to look at different pictures, but not enjoy them.

We dropped the idea of the DIY frames. I told him I would buy three (or four) white coloured frames, and print images myself and nail them on my room's wall. He said he would do something similar.

As currently my head has things related to room and its decoration, I thought I should throw away the unnecessary things from the storage shelf, and re-arrange the things inside it. That's when I found this idea:

This has been my best DIY project till now.

Things you'll need-

  1. Glue Stick
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Eraser
  5. Cardpaper/Cardboard
  6. Cutter
  7. Scissors
  8. Paper
  9. Thermocol Box
  10. Decorative Materials



1 | Take any quote/picture you want to frame, and print it, or take it from some other source.

I've taken this image from Google. Here are some quotes you might like:

I've chosen white background simply because I printed my quote at home itself and I had to save the ink. You can experiment with different colours if you want.

2 | Take the thermocol box that comes with electronics or cutlery. Mine was of cups, so it came with partitions. I used my Maped cutter to remove the partitions...


...and smoothen the edges.

3 | Measure the box leaving few centimeters along the edges. Mine is a 25.5 x 15.5 cms box.

4 | Take cardboard and your quote, and mark with pencil the area that needs to be cut. Cut both cardboard and the quote.

5 | First try to fit the cardboard inside. You may realize that the cardboard is either too large to fit, or too short; so cut accordingly. TIP: Cut half an inch, try to fit inside, if it doesn't, cut half an inch again, try to it until it fits correctly. You don't want to cut extra by presuming the size, and then massively regretting later. So go on calmly on it and have some patience.

6 | Take both the papers (cardboard and quote), and stick them together. You might be required to cut the quote from beneath to match the size of the cardboard.

7 | Put the quote and cardboard (which is stuck to one another) inside the box.

8 | Decorate your frame: You can either paint the frame, or add such ribbons or glitter. I took this ready-made ribbon-bow from the old hello kitty gift bag that I used as cardboard.

Finally, choose an appropriate place, and place the frame.

It will remind you of your hard work and you'll feel proud. Also, the quote or images on it will always keep you inspired. I purposely chose this quote, as it will inspire me while writing blog.

You can keep your favourite bottles of nail polishes, or some other miscellaneous things...

...or you can simply use one of your worktop supplies as the paperweight for your light (thermocol) frame.

I did not keep the bottle or the mini elephant on the top, but kept these extra papers/index cards along with stick notes to act like a paperweight.

I am so happy after the frame. This was 100% genuine idea, and I'm proud of myself!

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