Making Greeting Cards out of Tinted Sheets // Reader's Post

by - August 13, 2014

Finally, a post on TPCG after two days. Well day before yesterday, the net suddenly went down. And the paper the next day was Reporting, and for that we had ten Fill Ups for 5 marks. The Fill Ups weren't anything that consisted of the syllabus, but they were news--yes, the real news!

For this particular main question of Fill Ups, we had to search the latest news like crazy. I remember how I was charging my tab, searching the latest happenings, and simultaneously making notes for Fill Ups. Weird. Well, right from Israel-Palestine conflict to Elections to what-not, I was fully prepared with the latest happenings; though not really prepared in depths, but at least with few important details that were necessary to know.

I was searching, and BAM! The internet was gone. I tried my desktop, but even that was awful. I retried and reconnected it many times, but to no success. I had to search on almost 20 more topics and I needed nothing but the internet. So I switched on 3g on my cell, and finally, after zooming in and out, I could make it to twenty.

On top of that, I had to download scanned copies of signatures and photographs of my classmates and copy it to a pen drive. So I downloaded them over my cell, copied on PC, cropped them, renamed them, made a folder, et cetera. And I wasn't completed with my studies, guys. It was so frustrating.

And then yesterday, I was not well. Plus I had two papers today. Out of which one was Indian Regional Journalism. We had four Indian languages, their newspapers, their editors, their years of whatever, and their horrible names! OMG. All of us were so annoyed to read even a bit more after we read the last word probably. And on top of that, I was sick. I had to study all the four languages, the media related terms, and still the whole of the second subject as well. So there was not even a bit of chance to write the blog. (Whew! I guess I just spoke way too much.)

Anyway, let's begin with the real part of the post now. (Yes, finally!)

My best friend painted these, and luckily it was her birthday yesterday. I wish I could write this post yesterday; but unfortunately, I couldn't.

She has used basic colours and the tinted sheets that I'd given her. She just painted, and she did it really, really well.

You can try different ways and use tinted sheets for greeting cards. How perfect does it sound?
Do make such cards and send me on my e-mail address.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last paper and after that it is going to be fun, and only fun in all the coming days!

See you!

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