The UK Diaries // Day 4

by - August 18, 2014

Day 4

We had a peaceful sleep in the bus towards Scotland. At around 2:00 and 3:00 at night, though the bus halted at Manchester and elsewhere thus ruining our sleep for few minutes, we had a calm sleep.

It was 7:00 in the morning, and after opening our eyes, we were in a different country--Scotland! It was too cold. Though mornings in Britain were cool too, the Scotland weather was beyond that. We just had sweaters with us.

First sight of Scotland after coming out of the bus-station in Edinburgh

We got down, and I was feeling gross. As we did not have enough time to change into comfortable clothes, I had to look like a clown while getting down the bus. I had changed my Metro sandals to Converse shoes on top of yesterday's outfit. Also, I was wearing my mom's sweater which made me look like a joker. But anyway, I carried it off till we reached the hotel.

The taxi drivers of Scotland are way better and friendlier than Britain. We took a taxi and drove to hotel. The driver made sure that we got the hotel right and waited till we entered it. That was so sweet of him.

We went to check inside, however, the receptionist there told us that there was no option of early check-in, and that we could do it at 12:30. Where do we go till then? There was no kaka or mama staying in the same city so that we could cut our time at their places. And most importantly, I had a Skype interview to attend. It was at 10:30 GMT.

My brother negotiated with them, and later we paid extra money for early check-in, and went in our room. I immediately tried my hands on free Wi-Fi. After much time, I finally could avail the free service, and started browsing through. I was deciding what all things to say at the interview. Suddenly I fell asleep. I had however put alarm an hour before 10:30. I had hot water bath, changed to good clothes, made my hair proper, and prayed that the internet on my tab was fast enough for a Skype video call.

Soon it was 10:15, and I added up the interviewer on Skype list. At 10:45, he called, and thankfully it was a Skype phone call, and not a video call. (I was looking sick.)
We had a good chat on Skype, and finally after the call, I was relieved that the interview was finally over, and that I could enjoy Scotland now.
While I was interviewing, it was pin drop silence in the room as my brother and mother were fast asleep. Soon when I started talking, they woke up, and were quietly listening to the conversation between me and the interviewer.

Roaming on the streets of Edinburgh

After the call, one by one, we started freshening up so that we could take a small trip to the streets of Edinburgh. I changed to an All oversize tunic, blue leggings, Converse shoes, black handbag, and Ray-Ban aviators. We first went to Tesco, and bought few things, which included a pin for camera charger! We had left back the universal pin at my brother's rented house in Britain, and we needed something desperately to charge all our gadgets.

Chilling in the Park

We later headed to a Park; it was like a botanical garden. We sat there and clicked many pictures of the beautiful greenery. We had Cadbury doughnuts which we'd purchased from Tesco; they were insanely sweet. We rested there for a while, and then went towards Calton Hill.

Calton Hill

Calton Hill is a tall, yet a broad monument. We waited there again, choosing the shadiest of the lands, and finished the remaining doughnuts. While all the British and comparatively fairer people were tanning their skins sitting under the sun, we had perfectly hunted and chosen a shade for ourselves.
In a while, we climbed that monument, and clicked pictures (needless to say).

Doughnut Break at Calton Hill

After that, we came back to the main parts of the city, and visited a shopping mall nearby. I was taken aback seeing the awesome stationary there, but did not purchase it as a small pencil case was worth Rs. 550. We roamed, and soon, at 6:00, they closed the mall.
Yes, they closed it. All the stores (except food stores outside malls), get closed at 6:00 in summer, and 4:00 in winter in UK. I was so mad at them to close so early. In India, we step out of the house for shopping at 6:00; and in UK, they close at 6:00 or 4:00.

Kitchen; clicked at 9:00 PM

Sadly, we caught a taxi and went straight to our hotel room. Our hotel room, actually, was a student accommodation. We wanted a hotel where they allowed early check-in, and so we had booked that. We made Maggi and pizza in the kitchen, and had our dinner. We were tired.

Soon, after seeing today's pictures, and charging camera, my cellphone, my brother's cellphone, we dozed off. My brother was sleeping in a different room.

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