Collecting Souvenirs

by - July 31, 2014

 After China, this time while coming back from UK as well, I retained all the souvenirs instead of throwing them away. Here, by souvenirs, I don't just mean all the expensive stuff we buy from stores that represents the place we have visited, but also all those things that you got while you were staying in that place.

Now what exactly comes under this? All the bus tickets, train or metro tickets, flight boarding passes, maps, brochures, cards, etc. come under the second category. It might sound funny and stupid, but trust me, when you will look back at all these, I bet they will make you smile. By just seeing them, it will refresh the memories, and you'll feel as if you've traveled back in time.

Sometimes if some of your friends are traveling to the same place, and they want to know about it, you can always go through the stuff you've treasured and share them with your friends. And if at all, say for a project, you have to write about that place, these souvenirs would help you in many ways.

And how much space would these souvenirs take? Of course, it won't take much.
You can put them in a clear case if you wish to organize them. Everything is lot jollier when you organize.

Do you collect souvenirs?

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