Leggings and Tights

by - July 10, 2014

I've got an abrupt liking towards tights/leggings. Yesterday and day before, after searching insanely, I finally found the right pairs of leggings.

But the evolution of leggings to tights and ankle-length to three-forth was interesting as well as hilarious:

Day before yesterday, I began a spree of searching 'leggings'. Initially, for the whole evening, I searched the stores that sold traditional Indian wear. After asking them whether they had "ankle-length leggings", few of the stores would say "yes, which colour you need?" and few of them would say, "no", and show really horrible alternatives for ankle-length leggings.

Most of the stores said a straight no. I walked a lot, and with me I had my neighbour and her mom, and a best friend. So imagine how irritating it was to ask them to wait on every potential store I saw.

In a while, I came across a shop with good leggings, but the cost was Rs. 499; and no way was I buying something like this for Rs. 499. I've learnt a lot about smart-shopping recently, and I thought it was a bad idea.

Then gradually, I realized that I might get leggings in lingerie store, and not in traditional Indian stores. So I decided that the next day (that is yesterday), I would try lingerie shops.

Then after roaming on the streets for three hours, it was 8:30, and hence I decided to retreat back.

The next day was full of hopes. I wanted to buy leggings anyhow, because I had started dreaming and imagining outfits coupled with it already.
After college, I went to a mall nearby to check out leggings in the fashionable departmental stores like Reliance Trends, Lifestyle, and Splash (not a departmental store).

I liked leggings in Reliance Trends, and I was delighted to see a 'Flat Rs. 199' board near the leggings. So I happily took them for check-out. The attendee over the counter warned me saying, "Ma'am, there is no discount on it." I asked him to check again, and he repeated that there was no discount.

The smart-shopping mentality that I had recently learnt rebelled inside of me, and I rejected buying from Reliance Trends as the price was Rs. 399. The 'Flat Rs. 199' was for the t-shirts which were right next to the leggings.
Sighed, I went on for other stores in the mall, but to no success.

But the best part of trying out leggings there was the fact that the ankle-length leggings were too long for a short girl like me, and I tried 'three-forth' leggings, which looked almost like 'ankle-length'. 

Then in the evening, I still was confident enough to try my luck at local lingerie stores. I knew I had to search for three-forth leggings instead of ankle-length. Initially I began asking 'leggings' to the shopkeepers. Then after few shops, I realized that the lingerie stores called them 'tights' and not leggings.

I began asking 'three-forth tights' in all the shops after the realization. Most of the shops did not have the colours I wanted--navy blue and dark grey.
But soon I found the perfect pairs of tights: navy blue and dark grey, each for Rs. 240, and fitted me perfectly.

As I couldn't control myself from wearing it as soon as it was possible, I paired the navy blue tights with a green kurta, beige coloured bellies with a traditional navy blue coloured cotton tote.

I just cannot wait to try the dark grey leggings on western tops!

How do you like your leggings?

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