First Mumbai Metro Journey

by - July 05, 2014

While in China, we traveled a lot by metro trains. In Mumbai, with the start of a metro line, just like everybody else, I was excited too. Had I not traveled in a metro in China, I would've been ten times more excited.

Anyway, this post is not about the experiences of the Mumbai metro. Today my classmate and I had been to metro for college assignment. I will write a post on it soon.

I do not have much to write now as I am watching Argentina vs. Belgium, quarterfinals.

Today was hectic. I got up an hour late and got ready in half-hour; took an auto to college! After college, just had a vada pav, and went to Ghatkopar station via the local train route. We got down, and searched the direction towards Ghatkopar metro station.

We bought tickets. It was amazing! We boarded the train. We were excited and noted down the travelers' reactions. We took tickets to the last stop--Versova.
Therefore, we got down at Versova. Again, we escalated to the platform for Ghatkopar station.

We boarded the train and this time we seemed more confident. 

The journey was great. There is an assignment on this topic, and the submission is on Monday. I will try writing it here on TPCG.


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