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Actually I had to write this assignment on a paper, and not type it on computer; but just for TPCG's sake, I typed it, and then might copy it down on a piece of A4 project paper, depending on the time I have. Without further delay, let me just post it here--

Mumbai Metro has crossed the mark of one crore passengers in merely a month: few of them travelled for work, and others travelled on it in order to experience the new journey altogether. Moreover, as the metro is nowhere but in ‘Amchi Mumbai’, people are willing to experience it with a sense of pride and belongingness.

Lately, Ghatkopar station is seen overcrowded; there are local-train travellers, plus the travellers for Ghatkopar metro station who rush hitherto and thitherto, making chaos on the main station. The travellers for metro have a bewildered look on their faces, along with excitement, as they are keen to try ‘their’ metro.

However, once you enter the station, especially near the ticket counter, you automatically develop a sense of strangeness, just as non-Mumbaikars develop after travelling on local-trains. As we are not accustomed with such infrastructure, we feel lost to the nth degree. Nevertheless, this feeling does not last long.

The vibes of escalators on metro station are like a stairway to heaven; and the metro is, by all means, a heaven. One of the best things about metro is air conditioner; it is perfect for Mumbai’s hot and humid climate. Another good thing is the automation of doors.

Every train journey has few stations that are overcrowded. Even in Mumbai Metro, Andheri and Saki Naka are overly crowded. The overall appearance of metro’s interiors is on the up and up: good fragrance, better seats, indicators for next station and the journey, seat reservation for elderly, women, and disabled, and moreover, a decent crowd who does not gawk at women.

On a metro, unknowingly, every passenger appears to be from a well-to-do family; there is no indecency. Travelling on metro is like riding a plane for Mumbai Darshan; we can come across different places of Mumbai from a good height.

As the Central line connects with the Western, people have found it immensely useful and are delighted every morning while travelling on metro. In addition, there is negligence of unnecessary rush. As Ghatkopar railway station connects with the metro station, one of the best uses could be the Airport Road station: people travelling to Airport can cut down their expenses, by using the metro, at some extent.

Along with that, free Reliance Wi-Fi on the stations, modern technology used, and sophisticated look of the stations, metro is indeed a perfect journey. Per contra, air conditioner outside metro would have been appreciated largely.

 In addition, with the indicators telling us which side the station would show up is a cherry on top of the cake; with it, we would not need to ask, “Station kaunse side ayega? (Which side would the station arrive?),” to fellow passengers.

Thus, metro journey could be an enjoyable experience, even with the company of no one—one can listen to music, watch movies, or simply be proud of the new development in Mumbai while you travel on the much-needed metro.

Mumbaikars, however, are waiting for a new Metro line, especially in the Central Railway, and are hoping there could be one in the future.



The feature was supposed to be of 500 words; however, I've written of 512 words. I hope you guys like it.

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