Be Careful While Applying for Internships

by - July 15, 2014

So today, surprisingly, I thought of reflecting upon virtual internships. I am willing to work, but I am not willing to go at places for work. I am in no mood for traveling to workplaces for internship. I would anyway love to do a virtual one.
Though I know I have lots of assignments and blog-work to do, I can manage; rather, I will have to manage. I've applied for five companies, and hoping for something miraculous to happen.

I'm willing to submit articles and get paid. This time I'm looking for internships that will pay me.

Anyway, you need to be extremely careful before applying for job or internship; mostly internship, because you're still a childish adult at this time. Of course, you might be a mature person, but still, be very, very careful.

Today while applying for a virtual internship, thankfully I checked for the employer's information along with job requirements (which I do normally). Had I not gone through employer's details before applying, today, I would've ended up in a mess.
 All the other four companies were totally fine, but the fifth one was a pornographic blog! Thankfully I checked their details; else I was surely driving a bus to hell. It would've not only degraded my work profile (on applying for this company), but would've ended me down in a total chaos as well.

I obviously know if the website/blog is legal, it is totally okay; and seriously it is okay; but I would've never wanted to work for such a site...hey, don't judge me here.
I'm not cool with working at any firm at this stage, because I need stability and would want to remain under lock and key.

So please guys, it is a request; do go through employer's details before foolishly applying for internships and jobs. Not just because the employer might be a pornographic website or an illegal one, but also because the employer would not be exactly like you wanted or thought him to be.

Have you ever come across a company that you would've never worked for?

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