The Ettiquette in Her

by - July 11, 2014

Today while coming back from college, I met an interesting girl in the local train. She was not a definition of the elite or the mannered class of society; rather, she wasn't even close to it. People would've thought her to be of lower class; but for me, she was a middle-lower, and had the etiquette just like the elite.

She was in one of those typical low-quality t-shirts, with low-quality coloured jeans. She had a small, not-so-good bag hung upon her arms, and wasn't really appealing.

She was having chips from a packet, and was standing elegantly, resting her back near the local's door. Though her clothes and her getup was nothing but classy, I found her to be a graceful, young lady.

After snacking on the last chip, I thought she might throw the empty pack outside the train (just like most of the people do). I guess I was stereotyping her. To my surprise, she neatly folded the empty pack of chips, and kept it inside the tiny purse of hers. I was taken aback. I'd thought I was the only one who folded her trash and kept it neatly inside her bag. But I was happy to find myself a company here.

Well, after keeping inside the folded packet, she removed a handkerchief from her purse, and elegantly and calmly, she wiped off the food particles that had clung on her hands, and swept off the oil, from the chips, off her hands. Then she kept back the hanky inside the purse, and hung back the purse between her right wrist and arm.

I was impressed. I was totally, utterly impressed. How, just how could a girl like her do something like that? How could someone not throw garbage outside? And how could someone like her just be so polished?

I couldn't help but smile looking at her. Great civility, I must say!
I still can recollect her exquisite posture and her sumptuous actions. Bravo!

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