Feature Writing Assignment

by - July 04, 2014

You know I don't mention about projects and assignments unless and until I really like them.

Today in our Editing and Feature Writing class, sir conducted an interesting exercise. He gave all of us a character to ask questions, as in the interview. Along with that, he gave us each others characters. For instance, I was given Lionel Messi; I framed questions to ask my classmate who was made Lionel Messi. I was Preity Zinta for some other classmate.

It was a fun assignment. We recorded the celebrities' answers on our cell phones, and then wrote them down. And later, we had to convert this interview into a feature story of 400 words.

As in a feature, I cannot just elaborate the answers from the interview, but I need to provide a base for the topic too. I guess I knew a lot about Messi, so I ended up writing an article of 630 words, and the word limit was 400. Imagine how much I'd had to edit!

We had to mail the sir tonight at 9 itself. As after going home, I sleep, I started the assignment at 6, and finished it (without hurry) at 8:50, with lots of proof reading.

I don't know how the language would be, in my sir's point of view, but I somehow liked it. Whenever I do an assignment with all my heart, I love it.

 I'm just attaching a picture of the first page of my assignment--


I was thinking of copying all of the assignment here, but then, dropped the idea.

I also loved the theme I have used for the article. And of course, my Asus Tablet/Laptop was amazing with it. And as there is MS Office 2013 in this tablet, the experience of MS Word was altogether different, and fun, of course.

How do you prefer submitting assignments? Through hard copies, or via mails?

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