How to Remember Due Dates for Important Assignments

by - July 14, 2014

Most often, students forget the dates for assignments; partly because they're less of importance than the projects, and partly because the students don't have a correct way to remember them.

I just did this thing few days ago when our professor had asked us to write a feature story from a news report that we had written ourselves, in class. Some things are so important than the others that we need to write them anywhere but in the insides of our books.

This is the first page of my new Paperisto 5 subject notebook that I'm totally lovesick for, lately. I've attached maps for the subject Journalism and Public Opinion by a u-pin. So I thought of attaching my timetable as well. (It is my classmate's handwriting, and not mine.)

After closing the book, I noticed that there was the back side of the u-pin, right on the cover page of my notebook. And as I was copying notes from rough books to this book, I had to remember about this assignment anyhow, as it was a possibility of me forgetting it in a mess.

So I attached a paper (which I use as index cards) as a reminder. Trust me; every time I take out my book, I remember to complete the assignment.
I love this trick.

Apart from that, you can write the due date below the reminder too.

You can keep some space for writing more important assignments from other subjects' professors maybe. And once you're done with the task, you can just turn the paper, and re-use it; and once both the sides are occupied, you can just throw away the paper, and use a new one.

You can even use this method on your diaries and agendas when you have to remember some tasks terribly more than others.

How do you remember important assignments?

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