How to Organize ATM Withdrawal Receipts // Reader's Post

by - July 19, 2014

Yesterday after my best friend showed me her super awesome way to organize receipts, I was impressed; I'd thought of writing a post yesterday itself, but then wrote about her expense book.

In case you didn't read yesterday's post, here's the link to it--
And in case you're lazy to open the link and read, let me tell you--this is the back side of my best friend's Expense Book's back cover. She has beautifully made two pockets, and have different uses for both of them.

In this pocket, she keeps her withdrawal receipts. She says it isn't necessary to collect the receipts, but she does so, in order to see how much she spends in a particular semester, while she is away from home, at hostel.

As soon as her semester was over, she stapled the receipts together. She numbered the receipts.

Later, she put the same number next to the 'Withdraw' inside her sheets. So every time she has to refer money, the bank, the time, etc., she can easily do so because of this fun method.

Also, she has written 'WITHDRAW: 200' in blue, so that she can glance at the year's withdrawals dexterously.

Behind the last withdrawal's receipt, she has written down the total sum withdrawn for her fourth semester. Now she is waiting for her new semester to end, so that she can compare her expenses.

Do you collect withdrawal receipts for reference?

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