How To Carry Jewellery (While You're Travelling) #2

by - July 02, 2014

While I was rearranging the bags in my closet, I came across this Jewellery Box. As every good thing I see makes me write a post on it, I'm writing a short post on this too.

I got it as a gift from a relative. I'm not going anywhere, but just have put jewellery inside to show the use of the box.
This is a pretty common box, and is available anywhere in India.

It has a lot of compartments to fit all types of jewellery.

I've put earring-studs in the side platform of the box.

You can hang earrings, rings and other jewellery on the hooks on the upper flap.

And just tuck them inside the pocket for a safe stay.

I've put necklaces and neck-pieces in the main compartment of the box, surrounding the cardboard-ring.

I've put all the bangles around the cardboard-ring. The only problem with the ring is its height; we cannot put a set of twelve bangles around it, but less.

In the extra pouch, you can keep gold jewellery. (The earring-stud you see in the picture is not of gold.)

This is how pretty the box appears after keeping all the jewellery inside.

Do you own one of such boxes?

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