Deciding on Journalism

by - June 30, 2014

Let me tell you, before choosing Journalism, I had various things in my mind. Rather, opting for Journalism was a big step. I had to think and rethink quite a number of times, and I remember how I finally came to the conclusion, and the spark I had in my eyes was something noteworthy.

I had interest in both the sides. Crazy, but I am a Jack of all trades, and a master of none! Almost every student from my class had decided which side they would opt for the last year. And here I was, still confused.
The second year was coming to an end. I had made it a point--before my lectures end, I will go to few professors, and thus try to clear my confusions.

I couldn't ask our course-coordinator and the lady professor, because the time was not perfect. During our submissions of Advertising projects, I asked the sir about the side I should choose--Advertising or Journalism. He started telling all the possibilities and the scope for both the fields. He spoke for at least twenty minutes. After he was done, I was happy that sir had answered my question, but wait; did he answer what EXACTLY I should choose?

I asked him again, and believe me or not, he said--

"Follow your Heart."

I haven't seen professors in India saying anything like this to students. This professor was a 'visiting' faculty, so it was an unimaginable answer from his side. And to add to it, he is old.

Anyway, my heart always wanted Journalism. I just smiled after his reply, and went quietly on my seat. My friends made it clear from the smile I had. My friends from Advertising were sad, because it meant partition in near future.
I miss the rest of my group who is in Advertising. We had become a nice group of friends. They were my support after the crazy episode of SYBMM.

So now after choosing Journalism, I haven't regretted even once. Alright I know, the semester has just begun, but I don't think it would be boring or hard. After all, if you have your heart in it, you can accomplish anything.

And now our Journalism class is perfect--nine students only; two boys; a small and a sweet class.

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