Clear Bags for Monsoon

by - June 21, 2014

With monsoon's arrival, comes the biggest question of a perfect outfit. Sure you might get good shoes like crocs or rubber shoes, but what about the bags? You definitely cannot carry a leather bag, or a canvas bag, or a cloth bag outside; so what exactly remains now? CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS.

I loved mine. I bought it from a Chinese online store, of course from China. There were different designs available in it, and many, many colours; 99% being the pastel shades.

After placing the order, I thought once again that whether it was a good idea, or no. As I'm not into such things, I was scared at first. But after I used it, just today, I was pretty contented. And to my surprise, my mates liked it too. They loved how the inside contents looked from a clear polka-dotted bag.

The reason I chose whitish-yellow was because it would go well on any coloured t-shirts. And as I've bought white coloured rainy shoes, I bet both of these together would make a great pair.

So if you have cute stuff in your bag usually, don't be scared to buy one!

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