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by - June 20, 2014

For past few days, our professors have been doing nothing but making us realize how ignorant we are about the happenings. Right from US's Pentagon, to Iraq's current scenario, we were ignorant just about everything. We are just 9 people who opted for Journalism this year, and only one amongst us answers almost all the questions.

After few really bad realizations, we, rather I have decided to seriously do something about it. As I told you I don't like reading, I need to do something anyway. Well I am totally alright to go with the electronic format. That 'brilliant' student of our class probably was up-to-date with the news due to Twitter; he followed all the witty people, and hence was so good with the happenings. I asked him about the people I should follow, and yeah, I have started following quite a bunch of people. He is following around 400+ people, so obviously it will take me a pretty long time to ask him about every 'tweeple'. So tomorrow in college I might ask him about the remaining list of tweeples.

Apart from Twitter, I thought I should go through the (Bing) News app that I had on my tablet. And to my surprise, I was reading news on it for four hours! I was literally glued to it, and at last I let it go when it was 6:30, and I had to go on terrace.

Though it's going to be a long post, I'm sure many of the Windows 8 users will love it and find it useful.

I've pinned it on my Startscreen.

After opening the app, the top news appear first.

Next to the big image is the 'Getting Started' panel. It has some basic options to make this app more useful.

The first option being the 'Add A Source Title' lets you add all the sources from where you would want your news to come from. There are many options to choose from, like Featured, International News, Business, etc.

We have to just click on the 'plus' sign to add the source, and click on the 'tick' sign to remove a particular source.

Currently, I have added all these sources.

In the second option 'Customise your news', there are further four options, and a way in which we can remove the sources/topics from the list.

After clicking on 'Topic', we can add any random topic about which we would wish to hear news. For example, I've added 'Arsenal' and 'Article 37' in my topics.

Adding Sources, Managing Categories and International News are similar to what we did in adding sources.

This is how the page looks after keeping the options-panel to the left. We get an overview of Headlines, Photos, etc.

These are the Drop-Down-Options (or at least what I call them); we can get them by right-clicking anywhere on the white part of the screen.

I hope all the 'I Desperately Need To Be Up-To-Date With The World' people have taken a note about this.

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