China Roads

by - June 17, 2014

I was thoroughly impressed by this style of traffic management in China, especially in the new developed areas of Pudong, Shanghai. I saw roads which were much different than those in India, or for that matter, in Abu Dhabi and/or Dubai. I don't know if other countries in the world have this system or no, but whatever it is, every road should be similar to this.
For all the architecture and civil engineering students, take a read.

The roads in this particular area were well planned.
The road has a footpath along the sides, but to add to it, it has yet another piece of road divided from the main road along both the sides.
The footpath is no doubt made for walking; whereas this small division has a special purpose. Lot of people in China use bicycles to travel in the city.
So along with bicycles, they ride mopeds and scooters too. All these two wheelers drive on these small divisions. Along with them, I've seen little kids going all skate-boarding through these roads.

How convenient is it! Imagine no two wheelers coming in your speedy drive. It is also better for two wheeler riders, as they can safely roam around, without fearing the 'invasion' of four wheelers or trucks and buses. (I would've easily rode my moped in China.)

The mopeds/scooters go to and fro so calmly. And as the mopeds don't emit smoke or noise, it is really a peaceful deal.

Apart from this arrangement and division of roads, there are beautifully maintained shrubs, flowers and trees alongside the roads. They were so marvelous, that my mom used to ask me to shoot videos that consisted these colourful flowers and lush greenery.

This is the road that connects the main-road to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. This is not an actual road, but I couldn't get a nicer photo to explain.

And lastly, the roads are huge and clean.

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