The China Diaries // Day 29

by - June 13, 2014

Day 29

After the midnight, the time passed by quickly. There was silence in the plane; people were fast asleep. Few of them were silently watching movies…cuddling a blanket as they made themselves comfortable. Few people were trying their best to get a seat that would enable them to sleep comfortably; for example, the Chinese man next to us shifted a seat adjacent to his original seat, as that seat was empty and the seat next to it was empty too. He slept so peacefully there.

I was watching Home Alone 2 on the entertainment screen; but was bored and my eyes were heavy too, so I switched off the screen.
I tried various positions to be comfortable, but few things just made me uncomfortable.

Later I listened to a playlist of various artists. I thought this would help me, but it didn’t. So I switched on the ‘Maps’ option, and checked out the time remaining. In few minutes, there was just an hour to reach Delhi. I was happy as people would start moving and that would be entertaining. I was waiting for the crew to announce the landing.

They announced it in a while. People started packing their bags, and women started re-tying their hair. The flight landed, and all the people started walking downwards. More than 90% of the plane had got down at Delhi.

After an hour’s break, people started coming in (and there was a very young and stylish crowd). I don’t know why, but I felt proud that I was getting down at Mumbai. The plane left.

As soon as the plane took off, and it was steady in the air, they announced that they would serve us refreshments. I thought the refreshments would consist a glass of juice (or alcohol), and a small pack of roasted peanuts. They’d given these refreshments after we had taken off from Shanghai.

But they gave us something different—paneer tikka, round bread, coffee, sweet Delhi pudding and sandwich. I really thanked them for giving us so many items in the refreshment, as I was very hungry (not exactly hungry, but my stomach was empty).

After having the food, I was ‘refreshed’ in real term. I had discovered a game on the entertainment-screen, so I played it with the remote. There was going to be just a two-three-hour journey, so I thought it would be fine if I play games, and not sleep.

These two to three hours passed very quickly. We landed, and I felt good to be home.

We came towards T2’s arrival, and it was magnificent. We took our checked-in luggage, and made ourselves out. We booked a cab, and drove home.

The worst part was coming out of the AC car, and experiencing a sucky, humid and hot weather of Mumbai. It was unimaginably hot. We had to carry our huge luggage all by ourselves to the fourth floor. We had never experienced carrying such a heavy luggage, as the men of the house always carried it. But as this time, there was no one, I had to act like my mom’s son.

We somehow managed to carry the luggage. It was 8. We opened the door, and all we could see was dust. There was thick layer of dust accumulated on every possible thing. And we couldn’t lie down on the beds, as they were dusty too.

The first thing I did after going home was changing into a tank top and a comfy pair of boxers. It was too hot.
We sat, and our neighbours brought us tea. It was a much needed tea. We had tea, along with a pack of Tiger biscuits.

There was no drinking water too. We drank the water from the little bottles that we get in flights; thankfully we had carried the bottles home.

We started cleaning—first the drinking water’s tank. Then filling up the water. Cleaning utensils. Brooming. Sweeping. OMG; sweeping was a hectic task. We had to change the water every time we went in a different room. We changed the bed sheets and pillows. We wiped off the dust from the railings and tables.
Gradually the house started looking nicer.

After having food (which was Maggi), we slept. I slept at 1, and got up at 5. It was indeed a nice afternoon sleep.


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