The China Diaries // Day 28

by - June 12, 2014

 Day 28

Today was the day...when we had to leave everything in China, and come back to India. I was sad since morning. But today was definitely a quick day.

I got up at 11. I had to do many things. I had to head-bath today (which is a very annoying task.) I had to re-pack my luggage in order to fit the more stuff that was hanging on the bars.

After all the above works, I went through my blog's to-do list, and realized I hadn't posted the rest of the apartment, roads and sink. Unfortunately I couldn't click pictures of the sink. I had to click my apartment anyhow. I really hated how all the previous pictures of the apartment got deleted before I could post them.

I cleaned up all the mess in the apartments. As I was leaving home for the airport at 6, there was mess in the house. I put all the stuff in the next room, so that I could get one room empty. I straightened the sheets, kept the chairs on place, and saw to it that everything was nearly perfect.

I clicked pictures of my parent's bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and the balcony. All the shooting was done till 3, and after that I had head-bath, and left, with wet hair, for WalMart.
Today is Tuesday, and my dad's fasting day is Thursday. So my mom asked me to buy him bananas. Also, the milk was almost I bought a 1.35 liters milk carton as well.

I came home in an hour. I'd forgot to weigh bananas and put a price-sticker on them; so I had to go all the way towards the last corner of WalMart, and do the same. It was really hot up there (and brownie points as I had had bath with hot water and that too head-bath...and I was in a sweater.)

Along the way, I had tears in my eyes, but they weren't seen, as I had my glasses on. I reached home and handled the items to mom. It was 4:15 by then. I had lots of things to do yet.

I rested for a while, and immediately went to charge my cellphone. I kept my charger inside, and used my dad's. This way, I knew I wouldn't forget my charger in China. Later, I charged my convertible tablet, right near my phone. So when I leave the house, I won't forget to carry the tablet and its charger, as it was near my PHONE.

Later, I washed my face, and put on the face-mask that we'd bought the other day; and surprisingly after washing it, my skin was brightened!
While the mask was still on, dad came home. He was half-hour early.

Since the time he came home, and since we bade him goodbye at the airport, my eyes were nothing but wet. We changed to good clothes; and I wore the same outfit (except for handbag and shoes) like the first day. My hair were sort of good, and my face was still bright but unhappy.

Dad's company's driver was outside already. We had chapattis, tea, cheese, and chocolate chip cookies and left home at 6. We had decided to leave at 6:30, but as the driver was here already, we thought it was better to sit at the airport, than to sit at home. This move was nice, actually; the car-journey made us forget that we were departing...well until the airport-road was here.

We got down at the airport. We waited in the long line for a long time. As our flight was via Delhi, there were more Delhi-ites than Mumbaikars (people getting down at these places) in the queue. After the check-in, we waited for a while, and it was the time to bid dad a goodbye. As always, I hugged dad twice and cried.

We went in towards immigration and security-check, and searched our gate, and sat there. The gate was changed to a different one, unfortunately. So we changed our seats, and sat near the new gate.

We played games on my tablet, roamed inside the duty-free shops, and still waited near the gate. The flight was announced late; it was late by an hour.
We boarded the flight. A young Chinese man was sitting next to us.

We had food, and it was dark in the flight. Everybody was asleep, well, except for me. And my mom didn't sleep, but at least she had shut her eyes. Sometimes, just closing your eyes is enough.

Gradually, it was midnight...

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