Celebrate Days at 'Celebration'

by - June 18, 2014

After spending almost a week on terrace every evening with friends, today we thought of going out; of course not to roam, but to buy few necessities; for example, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, taking clothes from the tailor, etc.

As this semester I am going to use my school-time notebooks as books for different lectures, I obviously needed good cover pages for those books. These school-notebooks have brown and yellow cover pages, and trust me, there's nothing fancy about them. As you know my trick to convert a horribly ugly book to a customized or at least a pretty looking book is to cover it with gift paper, I went on for a gift paper hunt.

I've got many conditions while buying anything, especially when it's stationary. I know I won't get good gift papers in an ordinary shop, but still I tried in few of the comparatively 'fancy' stationary/gift shops. Though I did not find papers that I'd imagined, still I'm glad I found a nice, in fact, a superb shop right near my vicinity...

We were supposed to go in different shops, but as this shop was on our way, we stepped in, and to my surprise, it was a treat to our eyes! 'Celebration' is a gift shop. I'd been there long time back, but somehow hadn't found it that good. But today when I went there, I was marveled.

This gift shop has crockery, key-chains, greeting cards, soft toys, gift papers, photo frames, flowers, etc. But along with these regular 'gift items', the shop also has handbags, pouches, makeup pouches, pencil cases, mini greeting cards, mobile covers, iPad covers, pill cases, makeup products, fake jewelery, pencil stands, slam books, hair brushes, deodorants, shower caps (!) and funky sling bags! Whew!

I loved, loved, and loved every single piece in this shop. But as the gift papers didn't exactly fit in my criteria, I did not buy them. The good ones had a metallic finish, whereas the regular papers weren't up to the mark. I had put two rolls of gift papers in the cart, however did not purchase them eventually.

Towards the end, all I would say to you all is to check this shop out. (Email me or contact me on the Facebook page to know the shop's contact details.)

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