China Apartment Tour // Unique Things in Chinese Homes + The China Diaries // Day 23

By Rutuja Bhagwat - June 05, 2014

There are few such things in our apartment which I hadn't seen before. These things might be unique to your eyes as well.

Living Room-

ONE // Clothes Stand 
Here, I don't exactly mean a stand where we can hang our wet clothes for drying. I mean, this stand is unique at least for Mumbaikars. We would never hang our jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies and trench coats like this; because we would seldom use them. Of course we can hang our raincoats and umbrellas here...but we would never keep a stand like this in our living rooms for sure.
TWO //  Hanging Charm
I've seen this thing at many places here, but I don't know what it is. I get a strong feeling that it might be a good luck charm. It is incredibly heavy.
THREE //  Mat
I know mats are common everywhere in the world, but I am sure the design on this mat is a bit peculiar. It is a door-mat, and unique in itself.
FOUR // Peephole
No, I've never seen a peephole like this. It has stars and crescent moons on it. We need to open that flap in order to see through the hole.
You can make a peephole like this for your doors, so that your neighbors won't see what's going on the living room. (The peephole on my door is somewhat visible for the outsiders; they can see few parts of my living room.)
FIVE // God of Prosperity
I did not know that this old man was a God of Prosperity in reality. When my dad's secretary was home for the dinner party, she was surprised to see all these Chinese decorations in the living room. That's when we were asking what different items meant.
We never knew there was a God in this apartment who was secretly giving us a prosperous life!

SIX // Frogs with a Fish-Tail
I've seen these types of frogs somewhere. They're on the tea-table in the living room.

The coins that you see in their mouths are removable.

SEVEN // Ancient Wall Hanging
When we asked the secretary what this wall hanging meant, she said she couldn't read it, as the letters on it are in ancient Chinese language; it's an ancient Chinese script.

EIGHT // Sticker
I suppose it's just an advertisement; because there are phone numbers printed on this sticker.

NINE // Good Luck Frame
This frame brings good luck.

TEN // LED Lights
Of course there are lightings everywhere, but lightings with LED lights is something different. Chinese have lot of things that have LED lights to lighten them.

ELEVEN // Strange Frame
This is quite a different type of frame.



TWELVE // Sticker
Well another sticker. This is on the balcony door.

THIRTEEN // I don't know what is this
These are two strange looking animals with four legs. The faces they have are very common in Chinese mythology.

Towards Kitchen- 

Yet another lighting that has LED lights. It is above the dining table, and has a sufficient amount of light which is enough for the living room.

FIFTEEN // Kitchen Door
You might have seen a kitchen door before, but I bet not like this. The glass it has is hard, and the frame is wooden.

SIXTEEN // Chinese Letter on the Kitchen Door
There is a weird letter on the kitchen door.
SEVENTEEN // China Crockery
Last but not the least---the china crockery. The list couldn't have been completed without this. Sure you must be having at least one utensil of the bone china porcelain, but imagine eating in this every day! China bowls, china dish, china spoons and china utensils!
I love the cute flowery designs on them.

I hope the things I showed you were unique. Now let's head for Day 23.
Day 23
After finishing the blog, I slept right away; unbelievably true. It felt good to sleep at 2. However, opening the eyes before 11:30 in the morning was anyway difficult. Mom was angry, and only then I could get up somehow.
I brushed and drank water. I made tea, and had biscuits along with it as the breakfast for the day. After that, I immediately had bath because I thought we were going out. However, we did not go in the morning as we were engrossed in the show Good Morning Pakistan.
This show is quite informative. Generally, after all the household work, when my mom is resting, she switches on the TV, and coincidentally, almost every day, she switches to ARY Digital, and this TV show is on. Even today, similar happened, and today's topic was interesting--it was about children's health and habits.
I got many tips out of it. I was engrossed in it so much that I asked mom to cancel the morning's plan to go out. So after the show, we had lunch immediately. There was Biryani for lunch.
After that, I clicked photos for today's and tomorrow's blog-posts. It was hell of a task; I had to go through previous posts in order to see what all things I had posted. Well after that, I put all the photos on the laptop, edited them, and started putting them on the blog. So today's photos were inserted in the afternoon itself. (It saved a lot of time.) I also inserted photos for tomorrow's blog. Now I won't have problem even if the internet connection is slow tomorrow; I'm safe.
After the pictures, I took the laptop from the dining table to sofa, and started writing blog in the afternoon. I didn't actually write blog, but just passed my time, staring at the blogger page, and not knowing what to do. (If you ask me to write the blog at any point of the day, I don't think I will be able to write it properly; I need a perfect time to write the blog. Every day I just hunt for this 'perfect time', but in the end, I write it in the night-time itself!)
Then around 5:30, I organized all the stuff inside my luggage. (It's slowly getting closer...the departure from Shanghai.) I made different stacks/piles-
  1. Used Clothes | All the clothes that I'd worn for day-outs come under this category. I am hell as sure I won't repeat them, as I've clicked photos in them, and I don't want to look gross wearing them again. And for your information, I've washed them.
  2. Reusable Clothes (Home clothes) | The pajamas, t-shirts, jeans and shorts come under this category. I'll surely wear them again and again.
  3. Miscellaneous Items | Novels, chargers, clothes, stationary, tissues, etc. are a part of this pointer. These items are just too many.
  4. Plastic Bags | God knows how; but there were many bags in my luggage. I kept them separately.
  5. The Soon-To-Use Items | All those t-shirts and tunics that I haven't worn come under this category. I'll wear them for the few days that are left in Shanghai. (OMG, I'm sobbing.)
All the organization of the luggage made me stressful, and my room is looking a lot messy. I'll clean all the things tomorrow morning.
While I was piling the things into different categories, my dad came from office. We had to go out today in the evening. We checked the internet for the nearest Tesco--a departmental store. We got the road's name--Shuidian Road (Lu).
After evening tea, we changed and caught a taxi. We showed the taxi driver the Chinese name for Tesco, which was in Chinese, obviously, and off we went. All of us knew that maybe the driver didn't know where exactly this store was. The distance the internet told us was 18 minutes by car.
We drove for 18 minutes, and while we were on Shuidian Road, we were searching for Tesco. We reached the 294 number (which was a pin code or something). We had to go to 294-4, but I guess this number didn't exist. So after driving for 18 minutes, and wasting a lot of money, we drove back towards home. Our taxi driver was a bit backward I guess. Other drivers were better understanding persons than he was.
We inquired in a traffic police station about this mysterious 294-4 place, but they didn't know about it themselves. Hence we went back.
So while deciding what to do---go home, or go somewhere else---we finally decided to go to a mall opposite to Thumb Plaza. We reached there, and guess which store the 'Laya' plaza had? ZARA!
Sadly I did not buy anything, because none of the clothes were appealing. Sure they were appealing, but none of them were appealing enough to buy. (You know my taste in clothes is bit different.)
So after ZARA, ESPRIT, and other few shops, we went to a departmental store named BIT. It was a very expensive shop. Even the cheapest of things were in thousand Rupees there!
We bought four packets of Chapattis, a milk carton, M&Ms and orange juice. In the bakery section, we purchased a pastry with the name 'American Mud'.  
We checked out, and relaxed in the café of the same departmental store.
We left the mall, took a taxi, and came home. (We still had to had dinner.)
Mom had prepared dinner before we left for Tesco/Laya Plaza. So we just heated the food, and had dinner. After that, I cleaned up the mess in my room, and realized I'm going to land into trouble, as my luggage is half filled with trash, and there are 7 pairs of shoes yet to go inside it! I hope I manage to fill my luggage with so many things. (My dad won't be with us to carry it in India.)
Alright, right now I am on my bed, and suddenly it has turned hot. I really hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. I've switched on the AC.
Goodnight x

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