Miscelleneous China Haul + The China Diaries // Day 26 and Day 27

by - June 09, 2014

I don't believe; just few days back we were packing stuff for China, and now we are packing for India. A month has passed so quickly.
Anyway, I'd clicked pictures of the items below, long back, but they got deleted during the epic scene of Laptop Breakdown. I tried to recover them, but to no success. So today I clicked them again.

ONE | Watson's Papaya Purifying and Brightening Yogurt Mask
Remember that day when I told you we visited Watson's convenient store, and I went all mad? This pack of 8 masks was picked up on that day itself. We got this packet for Rs. 150. Reasonable, eh? I'm going to put this mask on my dad's face too (to tease him!). I'm his little princess, and he allows me to do all this. Sometimes when I feel like a beautician, I take my cleanser, toner and moisturizer, and put on his face. We call this as CTM.
I've compelled my mom to apply it with me a day before flying back to India. I hope it works.
There were other packs available too--Kiwi fruit, Aloe Vera and Strawberry plus yogurt.

TWO | Watson's Body Mist
OMG; this is my favourite thing in the entire haul. I've always got a heart towards body mists, especially when my classmate Anveksha reintroduced them to me last year. I had a body mist by Oriflame earlier, but I was in school, and I didn't know that body mists, perfume sprays, cologne, and deodorants were any different from each other. I used it just to add a fragrance. I still remember its fragrance; it was too sweet.
As soon as I saw this pack with body mists, that too four bottles in one pack, and that too for Rs. 160 only, I did not think for a second, and put it inside the little tin basket as soon as possible.
The fragrances are--Flourishing Camellia Blooms, Refreshing Water Lilly, Fantastic Daisy Flowers, and Cherry Blossom Dazzle. (I bet I'll love Water Lilly the most; I currently use the body-gel of Water Lilly only!) I also loved the pack it came along with. It's a plastic box, and of course it's sturdy.
I've kept one of the bottles in my multi-utility kit/emergency kit. I've got this thing for good fragrances. If you smell bad, I just wouldn't be able to stand you. They're more than a turn-off for me. That's the reason why I smell good always. If ever I forget to apply a deodorant, I'm literally handicapped for the day. I will just runaway from people then.

THREE | Watson's Men Innervation Deo Spray
I hope you remember I'd mentioned the crazy prices of deodorants here. The deodorant I'd bought from WalMart was a women's, so we had to buy for dad too. We bought this little spray bottle of 50 ml for Rs. 100.
I hope it goes on for many days to come.

FOUR | Johnson & Johnson Waterproof Band-Aids
Remember my shoe-bite; rather shoe-bites? I bought white bellies for monsoon, and unfortunately they're biting me. But you know...I cannot stop using them. I'd carried a packet of Band-Aids from India, but they're used. So I bought a new pack, and what can be better than a waterproof pack?

FIVE | Mini Hair Brush
I wanted a brush that would fit inside my multi-utility case, and so I bought this brush. I did not like the colour of the brush, however.

SIX | Lime coloured Deli Pens
Buying pens just doesn't stop. I have so many pens at home; but eventually I buy a new one always. I loved the pens, especially their colour. I got this packet of 3 pens for Rs. 90.


SEVEN | Pencils
I got this packet super-cheap. They're 10, and for Rs. 50. Moreover, the colour of the pencil is navy blue. Navy blue plus pink...what a combination! I just cannot wait to use them.
EIGHT | Deli Glue Stick
I must admit, Deli products are cute. And I didn't know they're cheap as well. I got this glue stick for Rs. 25, and I guess we get glue sticks for a higher price than this. That's why I bought it.

NINE | Pajama
This pajama is super-comfy. The design on it is pretty, and I loved it.
Day 26
My parents woke me up telling that the bags were here! The stuff from the online store was delivered in two days; amazing. With eyes half opened, I started checking the parcel. I love opening parcels and gifts.
I checked the bags, but they didn't seem satisfying. I felt they were okay. Partly because I was sleepy and annoyed, and partly because the sexy black handbag was not delivered!
Yeah. There were only five bags inside the parcel. And the most awaited bag was this black one. I was super sad.
 I somehow got up from the bed and did the 'morning' chores. I had breakfast, and I called dad's secretary for this matter as she had ordered for us. She said she would contact the seller. (I hope I get the bag before I fly back to India!)
 While I was having breakfast, we were deciding where to go. As today is Sunday, dad had a holiday today too. We planned to go to Amusement Park; but I wasn't quite happy with the decision. I thought mom wouldn't enjoy there. Anyway, we concluded the discussion to the park itself.  
I had bath, and changed to a different outfit--I wore a sleeveless (!) floral top, blue Signature shorts, white bellies, white Nike cap, and my new canvas striped tote!
We took a cab and directly drove to the park. The park was quite far from our apartment. The roads we went through till we reached there were awesome; especially the circular fly-over. The fly-over was round and round. We drove continuously without signals and traffic at least for 45 minutes.
We reached there and the place didn't appear like a high tech place. I mean, comparing infrastructure and technology used in Shanghai, this park wasn't up to the mark.We stood in the short queue, and took three tickets--60 Yuan for mom, and 100 Yuan for me and dad. We just wanted mom to enter the park with us; and so we had purchased a ticket for her too.
The ticket-system was strange--60 Yuan tickets allowed people to ride only 2 rides; whereas 100 Yuan ticket allowed people to ride 6 rides. I don't think in India there is a system like this. When we pay Rs. 2500 or so, we get all the rides free and that too for as many times as we want to ride them.
I guess India's ticket-system is better.
We entered, and I was jumping with joy to see the 'deadly' rides. We went on the craziest and the most dangerous ride first--Giant Inverted Boomerang.  
It was a crazy ride...seriously. We felt as if we would fall off anytime. And surprisingly, my mom sat with us too! She never sits in all these rides. For the first time she did, and that too, in this deadly roller coaster. We are extremely proud of her.
 We were exhausted. Our legs were shivering, and we were glad we were safe. Next, we wanted to go for a normal ride. Mom's first ride was over...which means, only one was left. It was crucial to decide which ride to opt for. We wanted to try the water-ride, where we come down a slope as a free-fall, and he water splashes all over you. (In Essel World, it is known as Aqua Ride or something.) 
We saw a ride, which seemed utterly boring, but it was a water-ride, so we thought this could be THE water-ride we were searching for. We swiped the ticket, and in we went.

We sat in the round boat. The boat started sailing. The overall journey was very boring, and there wasn't a single drop of water fallen on us after the ride.
Mom's ticket was over. We regretted it big time.
We sat on the benches nearby. Dad and I had more 4 rides left. Dad bought caramel popcorns and chocolate ice-creams. Meanwhile mom and I were talking about the rides and checking people out.
We wanted to go on a deadly ride now. We were bored because of this water-ride. We went to the real water-ride. And it was FUN.

We sat in the boat, and my mom clicked a picture.
Later we went to a different ride. I'd sat in a similar ride in India too. And it is dangerous. So I asked dad to go on this ride with me.

It started, and before I could feel it was deadly, they stopped it, and the ride was over. We felt stupid after sitting in this. It seemed a kid's ride. We were quite disappointed.
After this we sat in a sort of a deadly ride. After it, we went to a really DEADLY one. Unfortunately, we didn't click pictures before or during this ride.
The funny thing, my dad was wearing Ray-Ban aviators and they fell off during this ride! Thankfully the caretaker of this machine had seen the place where it had fell. I jumped into the garden, crossing the compound, and took the glasses. And guess what? They were intact. This is the power of original Ray-Ban aviators.
As these glasses are mine, I took them from dad, and scolded him for wearing them during the ride. 
All the six rides were over. And when we were just walking by, we saw that the roller coaster was on! We had thought earlier that the coaster was not working, and so had tried other not-so-deadly rides. We were regretting. It is one of my dreams to sit in a real roller coaster. Even last time when we had been to Dubai's Ferrari World, it was closed, and so we couldn't sit in it.

After all the rides, we were tired. And on top of that, surprisingly it was hot. We exited the park, crossed the road, and went to Jinjiang Action Park metro station. We took a train to People's Square station, and from there changed to Century Avenue station, and finally from there we got down at a station whose name is difficult to type.
We had to dine at an Indian restaurant. Last time we had tried the food at Kebabs on the Grille, and this time we went to Bollywood Indian Restaurant. To our surprise, there were more foreigners than Indians dining inside! I love it when people try anything Indian.
It was 7:30 when we went to this restaurant. The ambience was good, with pictures of Bollywood stars framed and hung on the walls. There was a big screen where Bollywood songs were being played. A song from Mohabbatein was going on, and I was humming along with it.
We ordered Roti ki Tokri, two Punjabi curries, Chana masala (salad), salad, and Hara Bhara Kebabs as starters. The food was delicious.
We came outside the restaurant with bulgy tummies and happy faces. We took a cab and drove home. It still felt as if we were inside the big coaster...


Day 27
 I woke up all by myself; actually no; the little baby boy woke me up. He was murmuring something in kitchen, and surprisingly I heard it, and thus I woke up. I was angry on mom for not waking me up, but later when I checked my cell; I saw that it was just 8:30.
 They were home earlier today. I immediately brushed and went in hall and wished the baby boy a sleepy 'Nihau'. I played with him, silently remembering that this is the last time I would see him...EVER in my life. I had connected a strange bond towards him. Though we met hardly five times, I still loved this boy. He literally made my days.
 As today it was colder, he was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, cap and a hoodie; so cute he looked! We played with him, and finally when it was his time to leave, I gave him snickers and a Choco-pie biscuit cake, and bade him goodbye...with tears in my eyes.
 Strange; some people just go away from your lives, and they never come back. I would never see him in my life again. I would never see his mom. I would never see dad's secretary. I would never live in this apartment again. Attachment sucks.
 I was sad after he was gone; and not just his separation, but the fact that I was leaving for India tomorrow. I will miss my dad. I crazily love my dad.
 In a while, I slept with blanket on the sofa itself. It was windy, rainy and dark. I was feeling cozy cuddling the blanket. I got up around 2. It was a heavenly sleep.
 Meanwhile, my mom was busy drying the clothes. We have to pack these clothes inside. We had lunch and in the afternoon, mom was making chapattis for dad. (I call chapattis as polis; but never mind.) Mom made 35 chapattis, and more 35 will be made tomorrow. I hope the chapattis stay fresh until they're over. I don't want my mom's efforts to go in waste, and I don't want dad to eat those outside chapattis and parathas.
 In the afternoon, I was just lazing around on the sofa. Later, there was a knock on the door at around 6, and it was the SEXY BLACK HANDBAG!! It was here! Oh my God. It was just dispatched yesterday, and it was home already? I'd almost given up on the thought of receiving this bag before going to India. I immediately texted dad and checked the bag out.
 In a while, at 6:15, dad came, and we had the evening tea and chocolate chip cookies. (Well I had chocolate chip cookies; they had multi-grain biscuits. You think I'm going to give them CHOCOLATE cookies? Nope; and I don’t give them chocolate cookies because I like chocolate, but because I don't want them to have sweet food unnecessarily. I'm a bit obsessed about their eating habits; especially sweet and oily food.)
 We were talking about the bag and just random topics. Later, mom started preparing food for dinner, and we had it...sitting on the dining table. It was our last meal together, before we fly back.
 Then after the dinner, and the post-dinner cleaning, we went inside our rooms for the last-to-last time packing. I realized that my bag is full and bulky. And I still have to pack clothes that are hanging on the bars. Let's see how it goes.
Right now I am in my room. Goodnight, everyone!

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