How to Carry Jewellery While Travelling

by - June 27, 2014

Tomorrow after college and lunch, I'll be leaving for Pune for my aunt's wedding. Her wedding is on Sunday, but tomorrow there's a pre-wedding ritual named 'Seemant Pujan'.
I'm excited to wear jewellery and Indian clothes. I've packed my bag, but toothbrushes and chargers are yet to go in.

(I'm too sleepy.)

For the Seemant Pujan, I'm going to wear a golden and an off white coloured Chudidaar, with pearl jewellery. As there is a gold earring inside, I had to be very careful. So I decided to fit all the jewellery inside this pretty tin box. I also made sure its lid was tight enough.

There's a story behind this box, which I'll post soon.
(I've also added the jewellery I'm going to wear on the wedding-day in this box.)

You can carry jewellery in a box or in a pouch; but be careful about the gold or diamonds!

How do you carry jewellery?

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