The China Diaries // Day 24 and Day 25

by - June 08, 2014

Internet was down for two days. Thankfully it is working good today. I'm just back from a day-out. I don't really remember all the things from the past two days.

Day 24

Last night was a fun for me. I kept the blog at 4:45 at night. I knew I had to sleep anyhow. So I kept away all the things on the sofa-chair besides my bed, and turned off the lights. I tried to sleep, but couldn't. So at last after spending an hour, turning sides, I was waiting for my mom/dad to get up for the next day.

It was 6, and I heard footsteps towards the bathroom. I pretended as if I was asleep. After that person was done brushing, I started guessing who it was. I'd thought it to be dad, because last night he'd told us that he would take yesterday's left-over biryani for office as lunch. So maybe I thought it would be him.

However, I got a light swift from the bathroom's door to the kitchen. And guessing this 'light' swift, I thought it could be mom too. I got up, and pretended as if I'm up early for the day, but in real, I hadn't slept. The nights seem smaller, as within an eye's blink, it is 3 already!

So my mom was really surprised to see her daughter up so early. She asked me the reason, and I said that I didn't know. Though I hadn't slept, and though I had to pretend I was just out of bed and that I was very real, I was really very sleepy; I didn't have to pretend. Every night since I am in China, I am sleeping later than 3. I need sleep badly.

So morning was bright and beautiful. While I was still on the bed at around 5, I could see that the room was getting brighter suddenly. I was irritated by this sudden light. Then somehow it struck me, and I just opened the curtains, to see that it was morning already! I was trying to sleep, and it was bright! People were on roads, and here I was...not knowing what to do. So that's when I decided--I would not sleep today.

After surprising mom, I was waiting for dad to get up. I knew that dad would be suspicious about me waking up early. Mom was making beans' bhaji and poli for dad's tiffin. I was waiting for 6:30, when my dad's alarm goes on, and he is surprised.

It was 6:30, and dad got up. We had breakfast, and while doing so, I was ordering six bags online! Call me crazy, but I had to make an online purchase. The stuff online is comparatively less expensive than in malls. I ordered two bags for cousin sisters, and a replica of them for me too; they're of canvas, and have navy blue/black and white stripes. I took the navy blue and white stripes for me.
I also ordered a clutch/messenger bag. It has a skull on it, and also stones. It is perfect for me. Along with that, I ordered a plastic handbag for monsoon. Till I reach India, I know it will start raining. And as my college will reopen sometime between 10th to 12th June, there won't be sufficient time to pack a perfect bag for college, and this plastic bag will just help me pack things! Along with that, I have ordered a sexy black coloured handbag with tassels (yes...tassels!).
I hope the bags arrive before I leave for India. Because only 5 days left until I board.

Till these decisions and orders, dad had gone for office. I had compelled by mom to sit with me to decide the bags to order. After I sent mail to dad, mom went in hall. I kept aside the laptop, and I dozed off. How perfect this one hour nap was!

I got up because we had to shop important items today. As this was the last time we were going to WalMart, we saw to it that the groceries were bought in bulk for dad, so that he doesn't have to go to WalMart to buy, at least for few weeks.

I was saddened; we weren't going to see this place again. It had become like a second home for us. I'm going to miss China!!!
We shot a video along the road. We saw all the things nicely and perfectly, for the last time.

We came home and had food. In the afternoon, mom and I packed her bag. We had tea, and dad came. He announced big news to us--my brother, who was studying in UK, is an ENGINEER now! Though I was super-happy, I was sad too. I was sad since morning as I was leaving China and dad soon. So I was in a mixture of emotions. I get overly attached to things.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the evening at home itself. After dinner, we slept. And imagine when did I sleep? At 12!

Day 25

I had a blissful sleep today. My dad was having holiday, which means, a day-out was planned already--we were going to the Oriental Pearl Tower.

We had breakfast, which were grilled sandwiches and parathas. After eating a stomach-full of breakfast/brunch, we left for the day. I was dressed in white Lee Cooper top, with blue Signature shorts, white bellies and a brown Move and Moda handbag.

We took a cab, and drove directly to Oriental Pearl TV Tower. This tower is the tallest in Shanghai. We purchased three tickets--one for 220 Yuan and two for 120 (I guess) Yuan. It was the biggest mistake.
The 220 ticket was for three activities, while the 120 was for two activities. 120 had lower sphere and old Shanghai museum in the pack; whereas 220 had lower sphere, old Shanghai museum and space capsule!

Seems cool right? No, it wasn't. I'm regretting agreeing to dad to go that capsule. I'd thought we would be flying in the air, at least that's what they showed in the picture.
The saddest part was me being in a line different from parents! I was alone for more than an hour. There was an English woman and an American man behind me, and a couple from France ahead of me. I missed my parents.

After entering the so-called space capsule, I was searching for the 'flying' room, but I saw it nowhere. However, I found stairs. I climbed the stairs, and I was 351 meters above the sea level. As all my belongings (except the phone) were with my parents, I couldn't click better pictures. After 'enjoying' my upper sphere, I came downstairs, and searched my parents who were in the 259 meters sphere. I was delighted to see them.

We passed some time in that sphere, and later went downwards to 256 meters, and experienced something crazy!

Sitting on a glassed floor above 256 meters from sea level! We do get to see the ground from a height, but actually standing on the height, and seeing how high you are, and how much depth it is below your legs...and how little the people below you rare.

I loved being here. Some people were afraid to step on this glass, and I really wondered why. But I totally agree that some people might have a phobia of heights!

After the 256 meters, we went on the ground. We were satisfied a little because of the 256 meters sight-seeing. But we weren't convinced what this had to do with 220 and 120 Yuan tickets!

We went to the museum, and to our surprise, it was amazing. There were wax statues inside. It was about old Shanghai--opera dresses, bund, houses, farmers, occupation, shops, workers, army, printing, etc.

My favourite. Just look at the expression and the elegance on her face.

After the museum, we rested outside for quick pastries and coffee. We exited, but before that we had to pass Old Shanghai Shopping Street. We bought two pairs of canvas flip flops and two wall hangings from here.

We had to go to Yu Yuan Garden after this. I changed the SD card to a different one, as it was just 4 GB card, and it was beeping 'low space on the memory card'. This was yet another mistake. I should have deleted few stupid photos, and use the same card.

We took a taxi for Yu Yuan Garden. Till we reached there, it was dark. The place was beautiful. It was all lit with lights. It was older Shanghai, with all the shops and buildings architected in the olden style.
Dad called this place as Shanghai's Tulshi Bag, and we all laughed!

We went inside the place, passing through streets. The view was outstanding! Beautiful houses with lightings, a small river, coolness and serenity. I couldn't help but click many photos. Some of the photos were mind-blowing.

We rested our legs in an ice-cream parlour, and had ice creams and blueberry-yogurt smoothies. We left for home.

Reaching home we realized that all the photos and videos clicked on the new SD card were corrupt. Thankfully we had the 4 GB card's photos, but these photos were deleted. All the beauty we had seen seemed to fade away. We were broken.

In a while we slept, and as always I slept at around 3.

Goodnight, girls.

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