Be Serious With Projects and Assignments

by - June 23, 2014

Till last year, I was miserable with assignments. Though I put 85% of my heart in doing projects, I neglected assignments. (85% of my heart because I used to start the projects two days or most of the times, one day before the due date.)

Sometimes the professors just ask us to write an essay (or a report for Journalism students), and as we know that such essays or such paper works don't carry marks, we neglect them. They might have class participation marks or maybe few marks, but nobody takes these works seriously. There are hardly students who take these seriously. (Well, in my last year's batch, my classmates used to take projects lightly as well.)

I always submitted these assignments on a normal full scape paper, torn shabbily from a long book; also the handwriting used to not be one of my best; and I used to simply suck it all.

But later, after watching few of my classmates' assignments, I started feeling ashamed about myself. I obviously know that submitting assignments on a neat paper with nice handwriting is must, especially for a blogger like me who talks about organization, but after reaching home, things used to be different.

There were so many distractions -- One Tree Hill, Facebook, Sleep, Friends and Blog. (Blog is not a distraction, but it cuts a lot of my daily time.) Every time I went home, I used to be determined to complete assignments on the day given, and keep them well organized in a folder, but all the planning used to be a waste.

Anyway, this year I'm going to try my best to submit assignments/paper-works/projects with good presentational views, and will try to start them as soon as possible. Like today, we had to submit a Success Story as a news report, and it was given to us a week back; and when did I start writing it? Yesterday, at 9 o'clock.

But the good part is, I liked the article I wrote, and yes, I submitted it neatly; so neatly that my classmate mocked at me saying, "Stop decorating it!" (I wasn't decorating it; I was just correcting few grammatical mistakes.)

Just be sure to submit all these on TIME and NEATLY. For some professors, it would be a delight to receive all the projects on the due date, but this would just be a fantasy for them!

Points to remember:

  1. You can submit the assignments on A4 size or Project papers. 
  2. Write neatly. 
  3. Research on the topic thoroughly. 
  4. Use staplers or u-clips to attach multiple sheets. 
  5. Carry assignments to college in clear sheet protectors. 
  6. Take proper care of the papers in monsoon. 
  7. Do not hesitate to carry a plastic bag or a shopping bag to carry assignments.

How do you submit projects and assignments?

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