The China Diaries // Day 20 and Day 21

by - June 03, 2014

Okay, I am immensely pissed right now! I had written a beautiful post for Day 20 and Day 21; but because of my stupidity and bad internet speed, it all got erased, except this-

"We bought few stuff from this shop.

"After this, we went to WalMart to buy all the ingredients for Pav Bhaji. YES...PAV BHAJI. What a delish it is. We have pav bhaji for lunch tomorrow. My dad is going to carry it for his boss, who is an Indian but is married to a Chinese lady. So obviously he wouldn't get the taste of a real pav bhaji. That's why my dad is carrying. So for this, we had to buy groceries, pavs, etc.

"Anyway, we came back home, and as dad had accidently carried my glasses with the laptop's charger to this office today, I couldn't watch television or laptop. So I came inside the room after lunch, and dozed off! I hadn't slept like this even once.
After getting up, I agreed that a good sleep is the best treatment for instant fairness. I'd never felt so fresh after coming to China, as I have undoubtedly slept less here.

"Dad was home till then. We had the evening tea. Then in sometime we had dinner, and right now, after recovering lots of photos, I am finally writing peacefully. It is 2:30 here."

(Breakfast prepared by me on Day 21)

I don't know what is happening for past couple of days. All the photos of China got deleted, slow internet speed, and today this thing.

Anyway, I'm posting few photos along with this.

Day 20

All ready to go to the People's Square.

Reached People's Square after a metro journey.

We searched really hard for the Big Bus bus-stop, and finally got it. We took three tickets for the bus for 30 Yuan.

This was the bus. We luckily got seats in the upper deck (without the shades).

Pacific Hotel. I liked the architecture.

A random view. How hot does George Clooney look in the Omega ad?

This is the walking street. There are no vehicles allowed here. There are many shops in the sideways. There were lot of people here.

Giordano's brilliant ad. I LOVE Shanghai. Yes, I do.

Empty and clean roads.

Shanghai's sky-line. Oriental Pearl Tower--Shanghai's tallest building.


We entered the ancient Shanghai's gate.

Ancient Shanghai

I clicked a picture of girls sitting by a pond.

 Sky walk.


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