Asus Transformer Book T100

by - June 19, 2014

I never knew I would write a special post on my tablet. Recently I've found out how fortunate I am to own a tablet, especially because it can be converted to a laptop as well.

My father had bought this tablet just few days before we left for China. He bought it because it was light weight. He has to climb four stairs with a heavy laptop on his back for his work. Obviously that means there's no lift at the place he works.

That was the sole purpose for buying this tablet. However, after we reached China, and after my dad carried this tablet to his office for almost a month, he realized how bad it was for his eyes. And as you all we start growing older, our eyesight weakens. That's exactly what is happening with my dad.

So when there was just three days remaining for India, dad finally came onto a conclusion -- take back his laptop from me, and give me his tablet.

Of course, tablets are genius; but they're not really useful when it comes to readability. And dad needs the laptop/tablet for work, and not for leisure. Whereas it'd be totally cool if I used it, as I use it for leisure, or sometimes for writing blog. Plus, dad had to draw some tables of Excel for his office, and it would've been a hell of a painstaking task to do it on a comparatively smaller screen, with those fat fingers of his!

I love this notebook (or tablet). I'm no techno-geek here, but I love to have the latest possible technology with me, unlike other girls. I can use this notebook with me anywhere that I would want to carry it. (Carrying it in rains is just not possible for me.) It is not heavy, and has a stylish design.

To add to it, I was using it as a laptop, and not a tablet. Today, just today, I removed its keyboard, and used it as a tablet, and oh my God, I loved it. We've always played games on our friend's tablet; but it is great to have one of our own. I downloaded car-racing games, and played them crazily. (Now the tablet is unfortunately on charge!)

This tablet has Windows 8.1, and as I have a Lumia, it makes it all a fun. I use the same account for my PC's 8.1, my tablet's 8.1, and finally, on my Lumia 720's almost 8.1! The best thing about Windows 8 (and 8.1) is the selection of the themes. I change it every day according to my t-shirt's colour! (I know, crazy.)

If you wish to know more about the notebook, you always have the net, and the ASUS website.

Do you own a tablet?

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